There are few things the kittens enjoy more than a good box. Every time there’s an empty one, or one with things in it but the flaps open, they’re there.

Nearly a year after moving, the house is pretty much box-free. The kittens loved sitting up high on the box towers, which may explain why they never lifted a paw to help me unpack. (I think I’d make a very good cat.) The box pictured above is the only one left, and it’s smallish and perched on top of one of the CD shelves. It’s Audrey’s favorite spot, and if I haven’t seen her for a while, that’s usually where she is.

I have a theory that the devotion to boxes is because I was in the throes of packing almost as soon as I got the kittens, so boxes are one of their early childhood memories.

That, or they just like boxes.

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4 comments on “Catbox

  1. Mike

    Our cat can’t help himself when there’s a box in the house. You’d think with the amount of times he’s gotten himself stuck, he’d be wary, but alas…

  2. The Doc

    What a cutie 🙂

    When we moved earlier this year, our Kitty also “occupied” one of the open boxes in our bedroom. We have left it as-is since he seems to enjoy it sooo much 1

  3. Joy Fielder

    This looks alot like a small version of our cat, Daisy.


  4. Kathleen

    Boris adores all boxes, while Igor is fairly ambivalent about them. Igor would rather sit on my lap.

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