Time or money

The ways of government bureaucracy are truly mysterious. After a hard day of sitting on my ass in defense of the justice system (I still haven’t gotten out of what my brother calls “the waiting pen” at the courthouse, and am beginning to take it personally, especially since I am really better accessorized than most of what are supposed to be my peers), I found my new driver’s license in the mail.

Though pleased to get it, since it expires, as I hope I do not, on my birthday about 5 weeks hence, and to note that I am now lighter than advertised, I am also surprised that they sent it at all. I’m still battling with them over that ticket I paid over 2 years ago and which they claim I haven’t paid at all, yet they continue to renew my license and my registration. You’d think that they would refuse to do either of those things until I paid up, but as I have learned in the few short years I have been dealing with the DMV, logic does not apply.

At this point, I’m seriously considering just paying the $57. Although the powers that be feel that a juror’s time is worth about $10 a day, I think I’m worth more than $57 a day. So rather than take a day off, go to the DMV, wait in line interminably and try to explain it to someone who barely speaks English and doesn’t give a crap (a lethal combo in a government employee), I’d really rather pay the $57.

Though that does mean giving in to the system, and probably doing exactly what they want. Not to mention giving in to one of my myriad character flaws, which is that I’d rather give money than time in most cases. In fact, I’d probably pay not to go have jury duty. There’s a whole new money-making scheme for the powers that be.

I’ll have plenty of time to contemplate the pros and cons of the moral cave while sitting in the pen. And it will be good practice if I ever do get on a jury.

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4 comments on “Time or money

  1. Candi

    No!!! Do not pay them! Fuckers!!!

    Can’t you go higher up? Ask to speak to the manager or wtf the call the higher ups at the DMV?

  2. Amber

    Well, on principle I think you shouldn’t pay. I agree, it is likely doing exactly what they want you to do. This is their speciality, annoy you with bureaucracy and inefficiency until you run screaming from the building, but not until you write a cheque first.

    But as much as I hate to admit this, if it were me, I’d just pay it so it would cease to be an annoyance factor in my world.

    I hear you, time is so much more valuable than money. Especially MY time :).

  3. Becky

    “especially since I am really better accessorized than most of what are supposed to be my peers”

    That is priceless! You crack me up, Suzy.

    P.S. The jurors are picked randomly before proceedings begin. With only the judge, bailiff, court reporter and lawyers present, jurors’ names are placed in a little metal canister type thing, spun around, and picked out. At least that’s the way they do it in the New York State Supreme Court. Just like the lottery.

  4. Kelly

    Ugh. I wouldn’t pay the bleedin’ ticket. Then again, I HAVE been known to put in hours and hours trying to avoiding doing/paying something otherwise very simple/inexpensive – just because there was a principle involved.

    Love the site!

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