Good or Bad?

I braved the holiday hordes of shoppers to visit Nordstrom in the San Francisco Shopping Centre (yes, they pretentiously spell it &agrave l’anglais, not that I myself am pretentious in any way whatsoever), and felt positively bruised and exhausted. The only way to holiday shop is to do it on line, have them gift wrap it, and deliver it.

Anyway, while walking through Nordstrom in my search for one particular item, I passed a display of gorgeous ball gowns and thought, “I will never, ever need to shop for one of those.”

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5 comments on “Good or Bad?

  1. Mary

    Yeah, I noticed the spelling there, too. Thought I was in Canada for a moment, but was mesmorized by Norstrom’s instead and knew that I wasn’t. I’d love to go back and visit again. =)

  2. Kathleen

    Sad state of affairs that we’ll never need a fabulous ballgown and who more so than us deserves the opportunity!!!

  3. aim

    That does it. As soon as I acheve my idle rich status, I am going to throw a HUGE ball. Champagne, caviar, orchestra, gowns, carriages, the works. Are you up for co-chairing my little soiree?

  4. Michelle

    I have no desire to dress up in a ballgown. My urge has waned drastically and it wanes more the older I get. Well Suzy I am going to join you in the bruising and battering department very shortly but I learnt a lesson from buying online so I won’t tempt fate a second time and will have to suffer in silence as I venture out into the hordes of people who left shopping for the last minute.

  5. Suzy

    Aim – sure, if you do most of the work (don’t forget to invite Kathleen – she’s a fellow Red Wings fan – and Mary, so she can re-visit Nordie’s)! I’m horribly lazy and will be worn out by ballgown shopping. I wonder if they go on sale after Christmas?

    Michelle – I feel your pain. Reward yourself with a bubble bath and a glass of wine or three when you’re done shopping!

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