With all the tragedies lately, I am not feeling it for my birthday this year. Yesterday was the memorial service for Erica’s mother, which she handled with grace and fabulous make-up. Arriving home from the service, I discovered I had lost my diamond bracelet, which I really liked. I must have fastened the clasp incorrectly.

It’s Erica’s birthday tomorrow, and she too is planning to skip it, much like Megan did. There will be no Junapalooza this year.

No birthday cards so far, and it’s hotter than I’d like, but at least I took today and tomorrow off. Plans are to drink pink champagne and watch the hockey play-offs tonight and hopefully hang out with the kitties.

UPDATE: Megan found my bracelet:

And as if that weren’t enough, she gave me a sparkly pair of earrings I admired during our tour of village shops a couple of months ago but considered too expensive:

So things are looking up, and they’re also looking sparkly.

A YEAR AGO: Things were much more festive.

FIVE YEARS AGO: Heading to San Francisco for a birthday baseball game, among other things.

TEN YEARS AGO: The curse of the coffee maker.

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2 comments on “Un-Birthday

  1. Guy

    Sorry to hear things have not been so good for you and your friends Suzy. Life always sends us such times so that we can deal with them best we can. I have felt with so many in my lifetime as do so many my age range, sad to say but it is part of what all have to deal with in our lives, never easy bot we do deal with it, each of us in our own way, but we do.

    Please send my regards to Erica and wish her Happy Birthday

  2. Guy

    You see, things are not always bad forever, Megan, your dear sister found your bracelet, you got a beautiful set of earrings, so things are not always bad, there are nice moments in life also.

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