Put a Bird on It

Stormy Saturday to you! The wind is howling, the glass wind chimes are tinkling frantically, the frogs are peeping with joy at the pouring rain, and I’m waiting for the power to go out. It has already blinked off and on again twice, so I’m writing on borrowed time.

[Update: Power went out at 6 am. No estimated time of restoration as of Monday at 7:30 am.]

Today is the saddest day of the year: the one when I take down the Christmas ornaments and lights, leaving the house looking stripped and dreary after a month of sparkle and shine. There should be another winter festival that calls for lights and fun in the depths of darkness. Ideas, anyone?

I had one less ornament to put away, since Clyde smashed the glittery heart shaped ornament to welcome the New Year. I went to the shop where it was bought to see if I could replace it, but like me (and Clyde), it’s one of a kind. I looked around the shop to see if I could find something else I liked as much*, but I couldn’t. As I left the shop, though, I saw whales spouting in the ocean on their annual migration to Mexico, and I wouldn’t have seen them if Clyde hadn’t broken my heart.

I wasn’t really intending to put the heart ornament away, but now I had a hanger with no ornament. I decided to hang the little bird ornament on it**:

If Dad’s bird can be on the eternal Christmas in Dark Gulch all year, surely the matching one I got can be on display in my house most of the year. I will move it to the tree when I put it up eleven months from now***.

A YEAR AGO: Appreciating the magic moments.

FIVE YEARS AGO: Technical problems reared their ugly heads.

*I told the giver about my failed attempt to replace her lost gift, and she said that although the shop had lots of lovely ornaments, that one was the only one that looked like me. And she was right.

**The little card with it says “Bonne Année”, or “Happy New Year”, so I don’t have to put it away just yet.

***With Rob’s help. He worked on the tree after I took off the adornments, so that all the branches will fit on it and it will look much better.

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2 comments on “Put a Bird on It

  1. Guy

    Always sad to take the tree down but that makes us that more anxious when the time comes and the Christmas Tree never loses his magic every year, it brings joy and happiness to all. I know your sad about the incident with Clyde but I’m sure he will bring you comfort on a daily basis and you have already replaced the broken ornament with another beauty.

  2. Joy Fielder

    I always dislike taking down the Christmas decorations….I agree, the house suddenly looks so bare and sad.
    That bird looks very well hanging there.
    I have been trying to knit and Daisy just loves going after the lengths of wool that move as I knit along the various rows. The trouble is that she does tend to put out her claws – not a pleasant habit. So we had a disagreement and now she is lying out in front of the stove with her back to me. Cats!!!! What would we do without them? I must add that she never holds a grudge.

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