Little did I know that running screaming hand-in-hand with Jessica through the Haunted Hall of Horrors on Halloween would be the least scary thing that happened to me all that week.

I have always expected to hit a deer at some point on my lengthy commute, especially since the length of my work days cause more driving in the dark than I would prefer. I did not expect to hit a dog in broad daylight on the highway.

He came running out of nowhere, as they say. I slammed on the brakes, but not before I heard a yelp that lives in my nightmares and a flash of his belly as he rolled over. By the time I was able to get across the road, he had already run into his house. His owner came out and was super nice. She blamed herself for not leashing him and the dog for running into the street.

Needless to say, I blamed myself and still feel like a monster. The good news is that the dog is a) alive and 2) “only” has a broken leg. He does not have a mark on him. However, he was surgically repaired in Santa Rosa at vast expense, so it’s lucky for me that the owner absolved me of all blame and even gave me a big hug. We have been texting daily and it seems we both have a new friend. So maybe something good came out of something horrible.

It was a long drive home after that. When I was about half a mile from my house, a stripy kitty streaked across the Ridge in front of my car. Harmlessly, I am pleased to report.

A YEAR AGO: Just in time for Veterans’ Day, a visit from two veterans, telling war stories. Love you guys. And thank you to all veterans for your service.

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4 thoughts on “Crash

  1. Oh! Suzy, what a horrible experience for you ( and the dog ).. I am always expecting to hit a deer sometime on various journeys to and fro from our village. I dread this happening. Thank goodness all has turned out well for you & the dog and that you have now made a new friend. Thank goodness you didn’t have to foot the vet. bill….

  2. It was horrible. I was pretty shaken up. So glad that the dog is doing as well as possible and that his owner is so nice! The vet expects he will be able to run and play within a couple of months. He should be like new. I know it’s not exactly my fault but I still feel like a monster.

  3. Sorry to hear about the horrible experience which everyone dreds, hitting a animal is so scary and I love animals and I know you also do. Thank God the owner was so understanding and that the poor dog got away with his life. Would not have like this experience on myself. Do not blame yourself for animals are very unpredictable that way.

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