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The Garden Says Hello
With the luxury of an extra (unpaid) day off, I decided to do a couple of things in the neglected garden.

Fortunately, it’s done pretty well without much attention other than watering, and probably not enough of that. The rust garden, for example, looks just fine:

I snipped a couple of dead fans off the palms:

I also cut back the hostas, so they will bloom again in the spring. I am still promising myself that I will put the special fertilizer on the camellias so they will bloom this winter.

In the meantime, the Egyptian lilies:


and the geraniums are picking up their slack:


The Japanese maples are still providing a splash of color:


though I noticed the big green one is changing color and will soon be shedding its leaves. It’s hard to believe that winter is coming when it’s 90 degrees in your house, but when it get here, the 90 degrees will seem equally unreal.

A YEAR AGO: The times were a-changin’.

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7 thoughts on “The Inconstant Gardener

  1. Wow, thanks for the tour, your garden must look like a magical garden indeed, sure looks good from the photos. What to say about the weather we have enjoyed this past Summer, going to be difficult to see winter come, gosh I don’t even want to see Fall which is my favorite season, we have had such a great Summer weather, yes even in Ottawa.

  2. Guy – Glad you had a good summer. Hope your fall has been beautiful so far!

    Tim – Hahaha! You definitely put in more effort than I did!

  3. Every day is special to me Suzy, I’m thankful for the day just past and anxious for the next day to come, yes, truly.

  4. Your flowers are gorgeous Suzy.. I was not familiar with the Egyptian lily – I love the colour. What a shame that our winters are not kind to the Japanese Maples. They do well in Toronto, but also not on our home turf .

  5. I love the Egyptian lilies. Like the rhododendrons, they thrive on neglect, fortunately for me.

    Won’t be long before the maples shed their leaves.

    I am pleased to announce that I did fertilize the camellias. We’ll see if they bloom!

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