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November 7th, 2012 by suzy in Special Occasions

Our Beautiful First Family

First things first yet again– it’s been a momentous week or so.

Despite the predictions of a friend who called the President’s re-election almost perfectly at 304 electoral college votes versus the actual 303 (he also accurately predicted the Giants’ world-series winning sweep of Detroit last month), I was pretty nervous last night. Even those non-American readers must have sensed how difficult and grueling this election year has been. In my long history of voting, I have never found it so painful for so long.

I literally felt a wave of relief wash over me. I have felt under attack by Republicans over the past year, threatening my right to be paid the same as a man doing the same job; to have legal access to birth control and abortion, and by the laughable (yet horrifying) notion that women who are “legitimately” raped cannot become pregnant. I was glad to wake up in 2012 instead of medieval times, I tell you what.

As my boss and partner emailed me last night:

“During the difficulties of 1862, Lincoln told Congress: the fight today is not for today but for a vast future that will be a New birth of freedom. We are that vast future and we must continue to live our creed.”

Let’s keep this great country moving forward. I am thankful for the dedication, intelligence, integrity and passion of our President. I am looking forward to his second term with pride and joy.

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Congratulations on your Presidents victory, hope things work out well for all of you, not an easy road ahead, so much to get done, lets hope everyone can pull together and make the road easier.

It’s never been an easy road for Mr. Obama, but he has never given up or faltered or blamed the mess he inherited from his predecessor. I think he laid a lot of good groundwork in his first term and that we will begin to see the rewards over the next couple of years.

I can only imagine how gut wrenching it has been for you all… it’s been stressful to watch from up here. Now if we could just get rid of our cave-man era government, that would be lovely!

I was pretty shocked when the conservatives got elected in Canada. I always expect better of the land of tolerance!

No kidding, it was a nerve-wracking evening; at least for the first few hours. I have to admit, I’m a bit of a junkie so I enjoyed the coverage (from the CBC, no less) and yeah, there was a moment there. Hopefully, Republicans realize they need to move more toward the centre; I doubt it’ll happen, but now’s the chance to work together to move the country forward.

Of course, if that happens there won’t be much for John Stewart or Colbert to cover… oh, wait! There’s always Fox News.

I knew it was to be expected that Romney would be ahead in the beginning and would get the traditionally red states, but it was still hard to watch. The President won 7 of the 9 swing states, the popular vote, and now Florida – the people have spoken. Now we have to put aside our differences and get to work!

There’s nothing like Faux News to get the blood pressure up!!

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