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October 23rd, 2012 by suzy in Country Life,Weather

After the rain

First things first – congrats to the Giants on winning the National League Championship! Even though they now have to play the Tigers and it just feels wrong to cheer against Detroit.

And now back to our program, already in progress…

Suddenly, it’s winter!

When I got home from the jobette on Sunday night, I spent some time putting away the outdoor furniture* – the yellow chairs, the warped old wooden table, the glass table and matching chairs and lounger, the candle holders – dragging them into shelter underthe house and what I call the shed. The shed is actually a piece of corrugated plastic on four poles, but, you know. I call a strip of weather-beaten wood planks the back porch.

As I did these chores and filled up a couple of emergency buckets with water, the sky was blue and the sun was sunny, and I felt a little silly. I even called my brother to tell him to get ready for the coming storm, and he thought the forecast was 30% chance of rain until he refreshed his computer screen and then said, “Oh”. It was actually 100% for that night, and they were right. It rained hard enough to wake me up several times, and though I didn’t investigate the rain gauge too closely the following day, there was over an inch of rain in it. I bet Jonathan was glad he had covered up the hay and the golf cart!

It was 50 degrees in the house this morning, and only Audrey was interested in venturing out into the rainy cold (or the cold rain). When I drove to town later that morning, the Ridge was glittering with rain and red with fallen pine needles. I had to defrost the windshield before I went anywhere, and my winter coat made its first appearance of the season.

Looks like winter’s here!

*I really need to take the old couch to the dump. If only Mark were here!

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What a comeback by the Giants, great games ahead. Winter has shown her presence indeed but I have to say for Ottawa anyways the last three seasons have been beautiful and milder than the norm.

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