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November 10th, 2010 by suzy in Bullshit

Well, WordPress no longer allows me to upload photos. I must have overdone it with my new camera. It’s frustrating, though, because I have lots of cool things to show you and no way to do it. Just telling without showing…not so fun.

If you’re a WordPress genius or a computer genius, let me know!

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Sorry to hear of your problem, I don’t consider myself an expert in many things and this one is probably my worst subject, hope you get it solved.

I see you over-ran your disk quota on the host.

One option is to upload the photos to a free service like flickr, and then link to the photo in wordpress (when you click the insert image icon).

Also, you could use to size down your photos, because if you are directly downloading from camera and uploading to wordpress, the images are usually very high resolution / large size. does a great job of reducing file size. I usually also resize the images down to 600 px wide, and that brings the image size to 5o or 60K, which is very less…

On the bright side, it looks like you traffic is increasing… 😉

Thanks for the tips! I keep the photos to 350 or 400 pixels wide. Nice to have more traffic.

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