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Afternoon Escape

   Nov 09

Afternoon Escape

On Sunday, Megan and I got our chores out of the way in the morning, and then she came over to my house for a fun, girlie afternoon.

First, we put a load of her laundry in, and made ribollita soup for that night’s dinner. As usual, we had the ingredients between us, and as it simmered away, we watched “Sex and the City 2” and did our nails. We enjoyed it as much as we did when we saw it at the theater in the summer. It’s been a not great year with not great weather, and neither of us can remember the last time we actually went on vacation or even left the state*, so we need all the escapism we can get.

People have been asking me where the Thursday night dinner recipes are. The sad truth is that I haven’t made anything new recently. So this week, I have vowed to make something new. I have a couple of ideas in mind, but suggestions and recipes are always welcome!

*With only one month left to go this year, I have gone to San Francisco exactly once, for one night. And that’s the only non-Hooterville place I have been this year. You can see why I’m planning to let my passport expire for the first time in my entire life, including childhood. You don’t need one when you never go anywhere or do anything. $100 is a lot to pay for wishful thinking.

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  1. Joy says:

    I know $100 is a lot of money, but one never knows when one needs a passport & how awful if it wasn’t there for that need. How many years does a US passport last for?


  2. suzy says:

    I think it expires in 2013. They last for 10 years. I’d be willing to bet $100 that I don’t need it before the expiration date. Any takers?

  3. Guy says:

    Always good to bond with a loved one. Hope you get to use your pasport before it expires.

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