Just in Case…

…the girls did get jealous of Henry having his picture published, here’s one of June and Audrey, sitting in the sunny window.

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4 comments on “Just in Case…

  1. Joy Fielder

    The girls are just beautiful….& so cosy & contented together. Wish our girls were as friendly as this.


  2. Kathleen

    Aren’t they so sweet? I always snap a picture (if I can find the camera in time) when the kids actually sit/lie together, as it’s so unusual. They’ve taken to fighting this week – little bastards. 😉

  3. suzy

    June & Audrey fight/play, too, but they always spend part of the day cuddling. And looking cute so I don;t get too mad about the fight/play destruction!

  4. LisaB

    Have I mentioned recently how jealous I am of your adorable cuddling cats? *sigh*

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