– My rodent roommate and I are peacefully coexisting. We have accomplished this by my not killing him or even trying to* and his not eating my food or showing his furry little face. This pretty much makes him anyone’s ideal roommate. He never brings chicks home, has loud parties, or objects to my taste in music. If he just paid rent, he’d be perfect.

– I have decided on my fur coat. It’s going to be pink and made of the rare and beautiful faux, which ranges freely in the forests of Orlon, in Nylon County. I also want a pair of mittens on a string, so I don’t lose them, either in the forest or the city. Also I think I would look cute and girlish. Would the pink pageboy wig be too much with this ensemble?

– I spent last night hanging out with two 20 year old boys. This does not happen often enough now that I’m old and possibly grey (or pink). The fact that one of them was my nephew and the other his best friend is in no way relevant. This is funny, though: I saw my nephew walking down the street before I even knew he was here. But I was in a taxi so I didn’t have time to yell out the window until I had swept past him.

– My friend A visited last week from Amsterdam. She introduced me to a whole new pleasure (and when’s the last time you’ve been able to say that?): getting a shampoo at a traditional Chinese hair salon. She navigated the language and the shampoo girls massaged our scalps, temples, and necks. My hair has never been so shiny. I guess they understand the straight hair thing. I can’t resist saying this: ancient Chinese secret! Mmmm.

I’m thinking of cutting my hair &agrave la Chloe on Smallville. What do you think?

– I still haven’t picked up my dry cleaning.

*Sloth or kindness? You decide. I can’t be bothered.

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7 comments on “Updates

  1. Candi

    Short pixie hair would be an interesting change of pace. I’d say no, don’t do it, but of course I’m partial to long hair. 😉

  2. bluepoppy

    Oh I love that haircut– I would love to be able to have a haircut like that– but my hair is much to curly and would never do those lovely straight edges, sigh– but ohhh did that chinese shampoo sound gorgeous!

  3. Amber

    I think her hair is adorable!

    I’m thinking of cutting mine next year too, even though I’m partial to long hair myself. I’m starting to feel boring since I never cut my hair or even change the style. I’m due for a change!

    and nah, a pink pageboy wig wouldn’t be too much!

  4. Kathleen

    Shit, send the present back. It won’t go with the pink faux fur. SHIT!

    Also, you know me, I say go for the short hair!!!!

  5. Suzy

    Like I’d send a present back! I can’t wait to see it & will dress for the gift. Thanks, sweetie!

  6. Harry

    Speaking of nephew, if you were to pass him in a cab today you would have to be (prepare to turn various shades of jade) in PARIS! Yes, his course has been switched from Rennes to Paris. We hav just had a marvelous day seeing the sights, followed by a wonderful dinner at a little bistro I know on the left bank. More of the same tomorrow before I turn him over to the school.

  7. Suzy

    Oh to be young & in Paris! Or just in Paris!

    PS You better take me to that bistro one of these days!

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