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May 7th, 2004 by suzy in Uncategorized

Is there such a thing as blogger’s block? We’re all familiar with writer’s block, suffered by some of the best – Kafka, Flaubert, Plath – and, come to think of it, neurotic writers of our time. I’m certainly neurotic enough. Maybe writer’s block and blogger’s block be the same thing?

As blockages go, I guess it’s not all that bad. I mean, it’s definitely better than a blocked artery or even (to someone as vain as me) a blocked pore or a blocked sink requiring the expensive and icky services of a plumber.

All I know is that I seem to have lost the inspiration and ability to write like I used to, though I don’t know why. Do they make Drano for bloggers? “Unblock that pesky muse once and for all!”

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Definitely. I went through it a while ago and so far, at least 4 bloggers I know are going through a blog-drain at the moment.

Got a camera? Why not do a photo assignment? Do a theme per week and each day post a photograph with a little caption. You can even take a particular photograph and ask everyone to choose their own caption.

Whilst you snapping away and being on the streets, may inspire you to write about something.

Sending you lots of ((hugs)) Sweetie.

I am right there with you, Suzy. I am feeling the *exact* same way. I am so blocked in fact, that I will just link to this entry and call it good – atleast untill I feel unblocked. 😉

I’ve been blocked for months. I keep thinking, “I should post something about that,” but then … ehhhh … screw it.

My advice? Drink a lot of wine.

Will it help get your creative juices flowing? Nahh, but it’ll make you feel all warm and tipsy. 😉

Yep, had it twice. What works for me is walking away from it for awhile. Bloggers Drano would be a big hit…

Oh yeah.

I had a little “blurt” today, but I doubt it’s a harbinger of continued flow from here on out.

Lying fallow is the way I like to think of it.

Seems like lots of people are blocked. I figure sum-sum-summertime will bring people out of it! I do miss reading, although that’s completely selfish of me. 🙂

I’m thinking about just writing stuff now, while I still have loads of ideas, and posting them later when I’m blocked. Reading all this makes me think that might be a good idea…..

Goodness. It sounds like an epidemic of bloggers bloque!
I was just noticing that one of my favorite bloggers, Francis Strand (over at How To Learn Swedish) hasn’t blogged since April 27.

Two approaches to the slump. Don’t write or write crappy entries. I have been doing the later for awhile now hoping the trend would change. One thing I noticed is that my dreams have been richer lately. Bad blogs, great dreams. Maybe there isn’t room for both.

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