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July 3rd, 2003 by suzy in Uncategorized

OK, all you fashion mavens out there, I need your advice. What does a girl wear to a baseball game? Having never attended one in my life – or any other kind of sporting event – I have no idea.

My first thought was to bring a hat, even though I seem to have a cartoonishly large head, since they rarely, if ever, fit me. Rather, they perch on top of my head quite uselessly, where they can be borne away by the lightest breeze or slightest breath of scandal, which you will agree is a problem. I have been assured that our seats are in the shade, but have a perfectly reasonable fear of sitting in the sun for four hours or more. Yes, it’s San Francisco, but the game starts around 12:30 p.m., when the fog is gone, and it won’t be back by the end of the game.

So I’m pretty much out of ideas, other than sunglasses.

Now, you’re probably asking yourself when I metamorphosized into Sports Suzy, or if I am in fact the real Suzy and not some Pod Suzy or John playing a practical joke. I assure that I am the one and only Suzy, and the only reason I am breaking my life-long record of not going to any form of sporting event is simple: it’s a work thing, and I have to go. If I don’t look out, I’ll end up setting foot in Florida next, or going to Disney World/Land/Universe and all my records will start dropping like dominoes. This better not be the thin edge of the wedge.

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The only accesory I can think of for a baseball game is a pillow.

Watching sports makes me sleepy too.

I once went to a baseball game in a lovely pale green dress and a matching same-length jacket. It was an accident, I forgot I was suppose to go to the game. I looked like an idiot.

Jeans or a some sort of comfortable pants, a t-shirt, sunglasses and I’d wear a hat of some description. Maybe bring a sweater or coat if you think it might get chilly or rainy.

If you can somehow sneak in a bottle of wine, I’d recommend it. Or consider drinking copious amounts of beer. The pillow is a fabulous idea.

If it were me I would take a book, but I guess that is totally out of the question:)

Definitely a pillow, or if you’d like to go a little more subtle, a poofy coat to sit on. If neither, at least bring a windbreaker or light jacket, because no matter how hot it is during the day, it cools down (well, except for down here when it’s @(*$%$ 80 at 9pm, but anyhow).

A hat is good…if you’re used to them, otherwise it’ll just keep you from seeing the action if you so chose to fake interest in the game. Sunglasses should work until it’s finished setting.

Remember, if you’re not into the sport, think of it as the ultimate people-watching location. Enjoy!

Don’t forget to take a baseball glove and one of those hats with the can holders and the tube that runs from the cans to your mouth…and of course, you’ll need to take face paint and you’ll also need one of those air horn cans. That should do it.

and a giant foam finger! those are the best part of sporting events!

Am I too late? I was in Cleveland enjoying my own sporting event. And for the record, I’ve taken a book to a baseball game. They’re bloody boring, Suzy, take the book and a cushion to protect your poor tushy from the hard seat. Hats and Sunglasses are good because you can pretend to be watching when you’re really napping. Just sit next to J and have a good conversation. That’s what baseball is really about – socialising!

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