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   Jan 15


The Audrometer failed to go off this morning. It was confusing to wake up in daylight, at the civilized hour of 8:30, without the usual 4:30 wake-up call. June followed me downstairs, and Henry Etta was peacefully ensconced in her nest on the couch (until I put up the heat and she abandoned the couch […]

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   Jan 14


The other day, I went to unite my compost with my sister’s, and discovered that there’s no room at the inn. Hmm. It seems that two’s company, and three’s a crowd when it comes to compost, too. So I’ll have to come up with an alternative arrangement. Like either getting old or dying (incredibly, our […]

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   Jan 13


There was a thunderstorm last night. I hate thunderstorms. Fortunately, we don’t get them very often, and when we do, they don’t have the verve and ferocity of East Coast storms. I still remember the storms we had during the summers in Maine when I was a kid: lightning smashing a tree in half right […]

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   Jan 11


Whoever set the Audrometer to go off at 4:30 – enough already! This seems to be her favorite time to get up in the morning, even though it’s pitch black out and makes me really crabby. Now I don’t even bother to put on my glasses. I just lurch out of bed, open the door, […]

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   Jan 10


In the night garden On Friday night, Megan made her famous Chicken Makhani (Indian butter chicken) and naan (finally using the pizza stone). If you want Indian food up here, you have to make it yourself, and Megan has it down pat. I helped her as best I could, but I mostly got in the […]

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   Jan 09


There was an earthquake about half an hour ago. It lasted about half a minute, which seems like a really long time when you’re listening to the characteristic rumble and watching your house shake around you. I have to admit that I have more safety concerns in my hippie hovel than I did in my […]

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   Jan 09


Schatzi takes the air Yesterday morning started out with the sudden death of my adorable little coffee cup and skittered rapidly downhill in a landslide of work and financial problems. Note to New Year: if you don’t start getting it together pretty soon, you’re going to be in the same class as 2009, and that’s […]

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   Jan 07


The sky was grey and depressing today. There are a lot more grey days up here, and a lot more rain, and this tends to dampen my spirits along with the ground. Even yesterday’s early violet turned to overcast skies. I think we should invent some kind of festival requiring lights and sparkliness and maybe […]

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   Jan 06


Lavender morning Sometimes it’s worth having the Audrometer wake me up so early. I took this picture before the sun had finished getting out of bed, yawning, and getting dressed up for the day. Once she was ready, though, she seemed shy and hid behind the sheers, occasionally peeking out at Hooterville and then retreating. […]

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   Dec 30


On the days Megan works, I try to take Schatzi for a walk. I figure it’s good for all parties concerned: Schatzi gets some exercise (Cesar says exercise is more important than even love is for a dog), so do I, and Meg feels a little less guilty about her dog being bored. I got […]

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   Dec 28


A day of naughtiness really takes it out of you. Audrey has expanded her repertoire of victims to include birds now. By the time I saw her with it, it was too late, and all I could do was shudder and pity the poor creature. Nature, as my stepmother used to point out in her […]

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   Dec 23


Winter skies Ring, ring! I open my eyes. It’s still dark. Even the cats aren’t asking to go out. Ring, ring! Rob! Something must have happened*. Looking at the clock, it’s around 6:00 am, so maybe Meg came home and found Rob in low sugar hell. Grab phone and answer anxiously. It’s not Megan. It’s […]

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   Dec 22


Luna Wherever I am, there’s always Pooh, There’s always Pooh and Me. Whatever I do, he wants to do, “Where are you going today?” says Pooh: “Well, that’s very odd ‘cos I was too. Let’s go together,” says Pooh, says he. “Let’s go together,” says Pooh. — “Us Two”, by A.A. Milne The poem could […]

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   Dec 16


Rain on pampas grass Pampas grass can cut you like you wouldn’t believe – until it does. And it will, if you aren’t careful. I learned that one the hard way. Pampas grass fools you into thinking it’s nice and pretty, with its plumy tops and fountainy looking grass, and then – wham! If you’ve […]

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   Dec 15


Part of my current frugality is that I don’t have caller ID anymore, or call waiting, which is not only retro of me, but it makes the identity of every phone caller a little mystery. Usually when the phone* rings first thing in the morning, it’s either my brother or my boss, neither of whom […]

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   Dec 14


When I came downstairs this morning, Lucky the deer was attempting to eat the Chico bag I had hung outside to dry yesterday. It probably tastes better than ancient futon filler, but I took it away before she could make a meal of it. Mark and his family are visiting family in Mexico for a […]

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   Dec 12


I thought that when we moved to the country, the kittens’ naughtiness would be confined to the great outdoors. After all, they have trees to climb and claw, birds and bugs to chase, and plenty of room to chase each other and the neighbor cats who come by for a visit. So I bought a […]

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   Dec 11


I found a not completely dead mouse on the living room rug this morning. This kind of discovery nearly precludes the need for coffee. Henrietta was sitting a few inches away from the intruder, totally ignoring it. June was at the door, so I grabbed her and sat her right in front of it. She […]

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   Dec 09


It took me more than ten minutes to get the hard frost off the windshield and car windows this morning. Blasting the defrost didn’t do much, if anything, so I found a piece of wood and used that for a scraper, which worked pretty well. The whole car glittered with frost in the bright winter […]

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   Dec 08


Woke up this morning to frozen pipes. A tiny trickle of water came out of the tap, so I was eventually able to make coffee, for the good of all concerned. I also discovered that the Amerigas fairy had come by and filled up my tank unbeknownst to me and despite the fact that I […]

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