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   Feb 23

Signs of Spring

You know, when we left Cloverdale after the Citrus Fair, I noticed clouds of clover in the fields. Who knew? In addition to daffodils by the side of the road. In my garden, they grow right by phallic cactus and art: I wonder if Rose planted them. Right outside the glass doors in the living […]

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   Feb 21


We had a power outage yesterday evening. Megan was at my house, and we were making dinner from the Book of Dad*. I went to grudgingly throw my green bin contents into the woods (I still think it’s gross and will attract an undesirable animal element, but apparently it makes me a better person and […]

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   Feb 15


Orange trees at the fair. Note the blue sky! Yesterday was a girls’ day out. At the 118th annual Citrus Fair! Megan and I went to meet Lu in beautiful downtown Hooterville. While waiting for Lu, someone called out from her car, “Hey, Megan! I was never so glad to see you in my life […]

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   Feb 13


For some reason, there are always pine needles in the shower. I have no idea how they get there. The floor of the shower is painted, so it’s a little slippery. I’m pretty sure that the resolution ending Calamity Suzy episode of all time is going to happen in there, sooner or later. To try […]

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   Feb 10


My former neighbor I recently learned that Gene Clark of the Byrds used to live right here in Hooterville. Not only right here, but about two miles from where I live. I have to admit to a certain amount of posthumous stalking, driving down his road to look for his house, immortalized on a record […]

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   Feb 09


Every morning, I make coffee and then clean up the cat barf. It’s quite the glamorous life. Maybe part of the reason Henry Etta is so tiny is that she pukes so much. Is bulimia popular among neurotic cats of a certain age? Feeding the cats has changed quite a bit since we moved. June […]

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   Feb 08


Yesterday, Megan met up with Lu in Mendocino. I was planning to make dinner* at Meg’s house that evening, and she called me from town to see if there were any last-minute ingredients I needed. She called me from Lu’s phone, though, because her own had decided to jump suicidally into a public toilet. Lu, […]

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   Feb 07


High surf, Mendocino I heard a strange sound. At first, I thought it was one of the kitties scrabbling around in the pots and pans, but it wasn’t. I went over to investigate, and discovered that my roof/ceiling (it’s hard to tell when your walls curve up to a central beam and it’s kind of […]

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   Jan 26


Last night, I was sure that my dreams of the city would be washed away in the rain that pounded away at my roof as I prepared for a possible power outage and anxiously scanned the National Weather Service advisories. When I went to bed, the power was still on, and the rain had stopped. […]

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   Jan 25


Yesterday, Megan, Rob and I braved the wind and rain to attend the Fourth Sunday Breakfast at the Caspar Community Center. We met up with Lu, still limping from her recent ankle injury at work (she’s an EMT), and her boyfriend Rick. Despite the pain, Lu couldn’t resist the book sale across the hall from […]

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   Jan 23


Yesterday, we had a break from the week of storms. I almost didn’t recognize my old friend the sun when she peeped shyly from the spectacular clouds. I went over to Megan’s and said, “Quick! Before it rains again!” We bundled Miss Schatzi into the car and took off for Mendocino. Needless to say, the […]

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   Jan 21


Just as Megan left for work last night, another thunderstorm started. I’ve lost track by now, but I think that makes around 9,000 of them over the past week. I’ve endured more thunderstorms here in the past few days than I ever did in all the years that I lived in the Bay Area. It’s […]

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   Jan 20


Good morning! Silence. I woke up at 5:30 yesterday morning. Not because of the Audrometer, who was adorably cuddled up to her big sister June, but because of the silence. And darkness. Yes, the depths of the country are pitch-black at night, and almost oppressively silent, but I still sport my Marilyn Monroe sleep mask […]

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   Jan 18

Rain Tree County

It wasn’t the Audrometer that woke me up this morning, though at first I thought it was. It turned out to be rain pounding on the roof. Audrey was innocently asleep on my pillows. It’s still so dark that I have the light on. I hate having lights on during the daytime. It looks so…sordid, […]

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   Jan 17


Lately, I’ve been feeling like the house is ganging up on me, with things that either don’t work, or sort of work. Can a gas stove actually gaslight you? Things that sort of work in my house: The porch light. It won’t stay on unless you jam a piece of paper in beside the switch. […]

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   Jan 15


The Audrometer failed to go off this morning. It was confusing to wake up in daylight, at the civilized hour of 8:30, without the usual 4:30 wake-up call. June followed me downstairs, and Henry Etta was peacefully ensconced in her nest on the couch (until I put up the heat and she abandoned the couch […]

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   Jan 14


The other day, I went to unite my compost with my sister’s, and discovered that there’s no room at the inn. Hmm. It seems that two’s company, and three’s a crowd when it comes to compost, too. So I’ll have to come up with an alternative arrangement. Like either getting old or dying (incredibly, our […]

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   Jan 13


There was a thunderstorm last night. I hate thunderstorms. Fortunately, we don’t get them very often, and when we do, they don’t have the verve and ferocity of East Coast storms. I still remember the storms we had during the summers in Maine when I was a kid: lightning smashing a tree in half right […]

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   Jan 11


Whoever set the Audrometer to go off at 4:30 – enough already! This seems to be her favorite time to get up in the morning, even though it’s pitch black out and makes me really crabby. Now I don’t even bother to put on my glasses. I just lurch out of bed, open the door, […]

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   Jan 10


In the night garden On Friday night, Megan made her famous Chicken Makhani (Indian butter chicken) and naan (finally using the pizza stone). If you want Indian food up here, you have to make it yourself, and Megan has it down pat. I helped her as best I could, but I mostly got in the […]

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