Country Life

Part of my current frugality is that I don’t have caller ID anymore, or call waiting, which is not only retro of me, but it makes the identity of every […]


When I came downstairs this morning, Lucky the deer was attempting to eat the Chico bag I had hung outside to dry yesterday. It probably tastes better than ancient futon […]

I thought that when we moved to the country, the kittens’ naughtiness would be confined to the great outdoors. After all, they have trees to climb and claw, birds and […]

I found a not completely dead mouse on the living room rug this morning. This kind of discovery nearly precludes the need for coffee. Henrietta was sitting a few inches […]

It took me more than ten minutes to get the hard frost off the windshield and car windows this morning. Blasting the defrost didn’t do much, if anything, so I […]

Woke up this morning to frozen pipes. A tiny trickle of water came out of the tap, so I was eventually able to make coffee, for the good of all […]


It’s a good thing we enjoyed the sun and warmth of Berkeley, because the weather here in Hooterville’s been more North Pole than Northern California since we got back. It […]

Well, Well, Well

This is going to be mostly a pictorial, since the working (and digging) of wells is beyond me. Megan and I have limited our involvement to bringing the boys lunch […]


You can see that the bear-proof fence is almost in place. The posts are sunk deep into concrete, and the wire was a huge score Rob made at the dump. […]

View from the bookstore In addition to picking up unglamorous necessities at the unglamorous Rite Aid (why do I always run out of all my drugstore items at once?), I […]

A Day at the Beach

I could have borrowed the title of this post from the title of Haven Kimmel’s delightful memoir She Got Up Off the Couch: And Other Heroic Acts. Yesterday, I performed […]

The Outdoorsman

It took a while, but Henry finally decided to venture outside. The weather’s been gorgeous lately, sunny and in the 70s, and I’ve had every door in the house open. […]

Trip to Town

Downtown Yesterday, I ventured to the big town (aka Fort Bragg, not to be confused with the military installation of the same name on the opposite coast). Fort Bragg is […]

Good & Bad Day

Early morning in my garden Today was one of those frustrating days. The internet was crawling at a pace which would have made a snail laugh as it zipped by […]

Housemaid’s knee is receding, but still making its presence known. It has been joined by an unpleasant tingling sensation in my right leg, running pretty much the length of it. […]

Of Barbecues and Bales

Backseat Bale On our way home, we stopped off and bought a bale of straw. Little did I know that there is a difference between hay and straw, and that […]

After lunch, my sister suggested that we take Schatzi and explore the Little River Cemetery. It’s a charming place, and though we’ve both driven by it many times, neither of […]