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   Jun 08

Birthday Eve

I was once again rewarded with a midnight power outage for staying up late on my birthday. Again, it was a Wednesday night, but fortunately, this one only lasted a few hours, rather than the fourteen hours the other one did. Exchanging texts with Megan in the dark and silent depths of the night, I […]

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   May 31

Wednesday’s Woes

You know those people who can’t wear watches because their magnetic fields or something mess them up? I think I’m that way with cars. The five year old car that I bought a mere five months ago is already having problems and costing me a fortune. It all started when I drove home one day […]

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   Apr 08

Play Date

If it’s Friday, it must be play day… Last Friday, I thoroughly enjoyed a teenage production of The Breakfast Club, and this Friday, Megan, Rob and I attended a performance of the play Other Desert Cities. Daughter Brooke, a Democrat, author, and survivor of a nervous breakdown (not necessarily in that order) returns home to […]

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   Jan 16

Report Card

Newsflash! I’m still blowing my nose about 500 times a day at a conservative estimate. Maybe you should just assume that I’m a snot monster until you hear otherwise. ~Sniffle~ Ironically, I went to the clinic yesterday for a check-up having nothing to do with my actual illness. It was just a routine check up. […]

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   Dec 21


There’s nothing like driving The Beater to motivate a girl to buy a real car. After an exhaustive (and exhausting) search, I finally located a car that met my two criteria of a) less than ten thousand dollars and 2) less than one hundred thousand miles on it. You’d be amazed by how hard it […]

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   Dec 06


The insurance adjustor checked out Miss Scarlett yesterday, and as we expected, the news was not good. The repairs needed to get her back on the road again exceeded her current street value, so they declared her a total loss. The adjustor asked if I could remove my personal items* from the car so they […]

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   Dec 02

Suzylocks and the Three Cars

I’m coming to you from the modest motel in San Francisco, where the foghorns are blowing up a storm, so I’m guessing it’s dark grey outside. You may wonder how I got here with Miss Scarlett in the shop and the loaner Honda clearly not up to the road trip. The day after Thanksgiving, Megan, […]

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   Nov 27

One of Those Days

Oh, it’s been quite the morning so far. The little heater I use in my uninsulated and otherwise unheated bathroom crapped out on me before my shower – hello, 50 degrees! – which was not quite warm enough despite only using hot water. On emerging from the warmish shower, I reached, glassesless, for the pink […]

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   Nov 23


So yes, we did get the rain. Two and a half inches of it in three days, though we are now back to sunshine and I fear that I will once more be watering the garden with icy cold water before too long. On the rainiest of the rainy evenings, beset by logging truck backwash […]

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   Nov 18


This morning, I dropped Miss Scarlett off to get two new tires put on, just in time for the rain that’s supposed to arrive tonight. Tires have a short life expectancy around here – they’re basically all members of the 27 Club. Maybe not even that old. If they last two years on the rocky, […]

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   Nov 24

Car Reflections

Selling the car has made me think about the whole thing. Have I learned anything from what was essentially a really expensive mistake? I didn’t learn to drive until I was more than 30 years old, which should be an Awful Warning to others. If you’re going to do it, do it when you’re young […]

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