It’s kind of hard to tell you guys what’s going on when I have no idea what’s going on, but here goes: The Cold: Definitely better, but my allergies seem […]

By the time I got home from the jobette on Tuesday, it was pretty obvious that I had a cold. Because, you know, why not? Maybe my immune system was […]

There was a little earthquake this morning as I left for the jobette. Nothing major, just a little reminder that you never know what’s going to happen. The perfect capper […]

Did you ever see that movie Final Destination? The flick that spawned a million sequels? In the first (and only one I’ve seen), a bunch of kids are boarding a […]

I was once again rewarded with a midnight power outage for staying up late on my birthday. Again, it was a Wednesday night, but fortunately, this one only lasted a […]

You know those people who can’t wear watches because their magnetic fields or something mess them up? I think I’m that way with cars. The five year old car that […]

Go pour yourself a glass of something and sit down. This will take a while. Ready? So…last month, my buddies at Covered California called me on April 8 to tell […]

I stayed up late on Wednesday night and was rewarded by a midnight power outage. I was mystified by this, since it wasn’t rainy or windy, and annoyed by this, […]

I was supposed to have jury duty in the Big Town on the day of Deputy Del Fiorentino’s service. Little did I imagine when I got the summons the month […]

News Round Up

Or, sweepings from the corners of my life… The big moment! In just a couple of hours, my boss from the jobette (third from the left, or the rebel with […]

Miss Adventure

The former hostage, relaxing at home Being a dog parent, on the other hand… Megan and Rob took Star with them to the city. She does get a bit bored […]

Newsflash! I’m still blowing my nose about 500 times a day at a conservative estimate. Maybe you should just assume that I’m a snot monster until you hear otherwise. ~Sniffle~ […]

I’m coming to you from the modest motel in San Francisco, where the foghorns are blowing up a storm, so I’m guessing it’s dark grey outside. You may wonder how […]

Oh, it’s been quite the morning so far. The little heater I use in my uninsulated and otherwise unheated bathroom crapped out on me before my shower – hello, 50 […]

So yes, we did get the rain. Two and a half inches of it in three days, though we are now back to sunshine and I fear that I will […]

Home of the Braves

Atlanta at night It was a long, long walk through the Atlanta airport. This turned out to be a universal source of amusement for everyone in the know, which turned […]

At Last

Welcome to Los Angeles Well, that was not fun. I blithely assumed that it would be fast and easy to fly to LA from Santa Rosa. Only a two hour […]

My week got off to a great start with my car not starting in the Safeway parking lot on a rainy Monday morning. I stopped off to pick up a […]

You guys know that I’m not too crazy about driving, right? My chief objections are that it’s both too fast and slow, while being simultaneously boring and terrifying. My siblings’ […]

The other day, I came home to find an unexpected express mail envelope. Sadly, there was no glamorous starlet to open the envelope and announce the contents – life is […]