Kelley House

It seemed like a long time since Megan and I had been to the beautiful Kelley House, so we were glad to go and see their newest exhibit, a collection of locally made quilts showcasing some of the iconic landmark buildings in the Village. They were beautiful, and I was impressed by the skill of the artists who made them.

This one shows the Village, perched on its peninsula jutting into the ocean. I wonder if any other town looks like this one:

This is the Kelley House itself. William Kelley was one of the early settlers here and built the house to lure his bride from the civilization of Prince Edward Island to the wilds of Mendocino. It is still one of the loveliest houses in this lovely village. Also pictured is one of the characteristic water towers:

This is the venerable Mendocino Hotel, right in the middle of Main Street:

It also shows what used to be the Highlight Gallery, which has now moved to the former Oddfellows Hall:

In fact, after we saw the quilts, we stopped in at the relocated Highlight Gallery and admired the wide array of beautiful artwork on sale, including some really stunning handmade wooden pieces, like this desk:

And this cabinet:

It also boasts a stunning view from its upper level:

This bowl reminded me of my friend Guy, who is a shaman and whose spirit animal is the raven:

We thoroughly enjoyed the beautiful work made by our talented neighbors. The only thing more beautiful than this place is the artwork it inspires.

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