I took a couple of extra days off around the Memorial Day weekend (first long weekend of the summer!), so I had five days off in a row. Doesn’t it seem like it should be five days off and two days on when it comes to work? Especially if you got paid for the five days instead of the two?

A girl can dream.

I am pleased to announce that nothing disastrous happened, as it so often does when I have the temerity to take time off from work. No sudden crowns were necessary, and it was not 5,000 degrees. I appreciated this. Also the simple pleasures, like getting up when it was light outside, and even going to the post office.

The post office is closed when I go to work, and closed when I go home, so it’s not easy for me to get there when it is open. I bought stamps and collected some birthday cards and a package, which contained the latest addition to my collection of cute measuring cups (you can see the cute pear measuring cups in the background):

They are embossed with a pretty design and look like little trophies. On the back of the big one, it says “Number 1 Baker” in raised letters. This is patently untrue, but maybe having cute measuring cups will inspire me to cook more.

I also ventured to the nearby town of Elk:

It was a postcard day, with the Pacific a deep and stunning blue, no fog in sight. The rolling hills have turned their summer gold, and are filled with drifts of pink, white, and purple wildflowers, along with bright orange poppies and nasturtiums. The cows and sheep have new babies, and the air is full of bird song.

I picked up a sandwich at the charming Elk Store:

from its quaint vintage display case:

It was a panini with Swiss cheese, cornichons, and pastrami, and it was delicious. I took it to a picnic table overlooking the ocean:

And enjoyed the view as I enjoyed the sandwich:

Even though it was a holiday weekend, Elk was not crowded, unlike most destinations in this resort area. So that was nice, too. Still, I was glad to get back to my quiet house, where all you can hear is the wind in the trees and the birds singing, to do a little gardening and hang out with the kitties.

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