My blog turns 19 today, on 420. Despite the fact that I live in Weed Central, I only noticed recently that my blog’s birthday is the same day as the pot-tastic celebration of 420. There are many tales and theories about how it happened and how it got its name, so take your pick and smoke ’em if you’ve got ’em, especially now it’s legal*.

Sadly for me, I have no interest in the County’s most famous product. It has never agreed with me, making me paranoid and nervous instead of mellow and relaxed. I recently tried CBD oil on John’s recommendation – he finds it calms his panic attacks – but, you guessed it, same result. Give me a glass of wine or a fancy cocktail any evening. No one can be uncheered with a glass of champagne in her hand.

Here’s to your 19th birthday, little blog! Keep on sparkling!

*My father the research scientist always thought it should be legal, and despite the fact that he was an enthusiastic consumer of adult beverages, he also felt that alcohol contributed to far more crimes than weed ever did.

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FIFTEEN YEARS AGO: You’ll never guess!

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