I’m not tracking them the way I did a few years ago, but lately, I have been trying to notice the perfect moments in each day.

When I lived in San Francisco, I never stopped noticing its beauty, and I am the same way here. Every day when I reach the ocean, or as I think of it, the intersection between home and work*:

I am delighted by its beauty. The ocean is ever-changing, and is as beautiful to me when it’s wild and stormy as when it’s blue and serene. It’s just a different kind of beautiful.

I love seeing a wide swath of silver when my friend the moon beams over the dark sea. Even though the moon and I go way back, she has been surprising me with her versatile beauty these days.

One morning – most of the year, it’s dark as night when I get up at 5 am – I was charmed by the sight of silvery moonbeams falling through the slats on my window blinds onto the bed, like I was the heroine of a film noir. Later that week, when I got to the ocean, I wondered what the blaze of orange was in the sky. It turned out to be the copper moon, coming in and out of misty slate blue clouds and making it really hard for me to focus on the road. I kept sneaking peeks to my left as I drove to work that morning.

There is something about driving across the Big River bridge:

that always fills me with a certain bien-ĂȘtre. Maybe it’s something about the ocean meeting the river there, or the curve of the bridge, but I usually find myself relaxing into the beauty when I cross it. On my way home from work one day, I was struck by the perfect sight of ravens, gracefully and slowly surfing the thermals together, hovering above the bridge with the afternoon sun glistening from their iridescent wings.

I am lucky to live somewhere so beautiful.

*On my way home, I always feel I have successfully left the world behind when I turn onto the Ridge from the highway.

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