Well, hello there!

I was driving down the Ridge one morning, not far from the sign above, when I noticed that I had an unexpected companion.

A jack rabbit was running ahead of Wednesday, his giant ears spotlit in the high beams. Like most travelers on this road, he was pretty much using the middle of the narrow roadway, making it impossible to pass him. I worried about how scared he must be of the giant, noisy predator behind him, and turned off the high beams in the hopes of being slightly less terrifying (less crappy is our goal!).

By now, he was sort of weaving back and forth across the road, perhaps in a misguided attempt to avoid the light, or the car, or both. I was now going about 20 miles an hour, which just shows how fast rabbits can run. Faster than some tourists can drive!

I was beginning to wonder if this was going to continue all the way to the highway, and what would happen if it did, and why he didn’t get off the road and into the woods, like deer usually do. He finally saw a place that looked better to him than our leisurely pursuit, and hopped away onto the grass and off the road. I hope he relaxed the rest of the day, but rabbits, like Suzys, tend to be worriers.

Before I reached the highway, which had never seemed so far away, I passed a wild turkey sitting calmly on the Ridge. Fortunately for me, I could drive around him, since wild turkeys don’t move for anyone. He was completely unperturbed and acted as the car wasn’t even there.

Approaching the ocean, I could see a wide swath of silvery moonlight from the still huge moon, beaming across the black ocean.

When I finally got to work that day, I got out of the car, collected my purple Hello Kitty handbag and my lunch, and started to walk toward the building. A young deer was walking calmly across the parking lot, just feet away from me. She paused and looked at me before resuming her stroll. As is often the way, another deer emerged from the bushes next to the clinic, and then another. Soon, the whole family – mother, father, and baby deer – were walking together, their hooves clicking as they made their way into the trees surrounding the property. They did not seem scared at all. And I was enchanted.

FIVE YEARS AGO: We lost Megan’s sweet cat Ramona. Her sister, the Beautiful Harriet, is still with us at nearly 19 years old!

TEN YEARS AGO: You know your shopping expedition has been successful when it includes a pair of bee boots for your sister.

FIFTEEN YEARS AGO: More shopping, but Southern style. I’m sorry to say the pictures formerly linked in the post have been lost in transition.

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