As you might expect in a (very) rural community, there’s been a livestock theme on the local message boards lately. Read on for tips on how to deal with errant cows, old hens, and missing dry cleaners.

Brother, Can You Spare a Hen?

Posting for a friend:

ISO a hen who needs a home. She’d be a companion to two old-lady hens
who are pretty much retired from the egg-laying business, but have
become pampered pets and inseparable companions. One of the old hens is
losing her feathers, could be off to hen Valhalla soon, don’t want
remaining hen to be all alone in the world. No, the stew pot is not an

Can offer: Good secure henhouse at night, all the bugs and grubs a girl
can eat during the day plus nice evening meal of hen chow plus valiant
guard dog who keeps critters away.

My question is how they started their car with the keys in the PO box.

P.O. Box 1172, attention!
Your keys are dangling in the lock.

Good thing none of my clothes are dry clean only. There may be a reason for that…

The jewelry store on Franklin that let you drop off and pick up cleaning
(that was done in Ukiah) has decided to stop offering this service as of
now. If you have clothing there, get it soon, and they also
no longer take credit cards, so take cash or check.

This means that until someone else decides to take on this (apparently
thankless) task, there is no place to take dry cleaning on the Coast.
(something about having to listen to complaints about the cleaning
despite having no control over the outcome.)

Until then, don’t wear silk, I guess.

I’ve heard of tiny houses, but 22 cubic feet seems a little small for even the shortest geezer…

Upright Freezer

this geezer wants to sell his freezer!
22cf Frost Free right hinged
lived inside … some minor dents on sides
has shelves and baskets and burned out interior light bulb
$100 and you transport it
Rick 961-XXXX

The saga of the cattle. Go north, young cows!

4 brown & white cows wandering on XXXX road at 6:40 am
just west of XXXX Ranch, they went north.

Now all 4 cows are in my yard on Rd XX snacking on apples. Friendly
and loving. Come get them. Tag says XXX.

Good morning!!! Cows are back with more friends! Word must be out about our apples. Anyone know the farmer?

Learned this from my Grandad – walk up to the lead cow – you have to know how to identify such – and point a closed umbrella right at the face of the cow, but with the tip about three feet away, then swiftly open the umbrella, and usually yell something like “Truman’s comin’ fa ya”, depending on yer inclinations, and said cow will hitail it back to the barn, and all her sisters (or brothers) will follow dutifully behind. He claimed it always worked, and actually demonstrated it to me once, and I did indeed witness the technique’s efficacy.

[Apparently, it worked!]

The cows are home. Thanks to everyone who helped herd them in the
right direction!

I’m glad all the cows are home now and have “mooved” in the right direction out of your yard.

Sounds like someone was having fun at the beach…

A woman’s bathing suit top was found at the beach at the lighthouse. Anyone know of anyone missing it?

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