Christmas week was always going to be a weird one. Work one day, off two days, back at work two days. I kicked off the festivities with another Girl Night™ at Chez Megan on Monday night after work. I brought the snacks, and Megan made scalloped potatoes for dinner and the signature drink of Girl Night™, the Elle Woods:

It is a dangerously delicious libation of frozen estate grown strawberries, lemonade, and strawberry-infused vodka whirled in the blender and then enjoyed with movies.

The evening’s program was a little more Rob friendly than last time, and he actually watched them with us: One for the Money, which Megan and I actually saw (7 years ago! How is this possible?) at the movie theater when it first came out, My Cousin Vinny, and School of Rock. Megan and Rob hadn’t seen School of Rock before, though it’s one of my favorites, and I think it’s now one of theirs, too.

When Rob and I walked to the car together – he drives me home after all those Elle Woods – we were amazed by how the sky was a huge bowl of glittering stars on that cold winter night.

On Christmas Eve, I made a nice dinner of pork roast, Yorkshire pudding, and salad with some wine. My Christmas decorations had been on the minimal side, with a pretty wreath on the door:

and a little tree on the table:

But one of my coworkers had other ideas. She bought me a tree and lights and gave them to me along with her gifts. All the way home that night, I smiled, feeling so loved and cared for. I have to say, having it set up and sparkling does make a big difference and made me really feel the holiday spirit:

On Christmas Day itself, I spent some time making Montreal style bagels, watched the Queen’s speech, which is always inspiring, and later, watched A Charlie Brown Christmas and the Grinch before opening my gifts, which were delightful.

The next day, I was back at work, and Megan stopped by my office to bring me gifts from Erica and Jessica, which included what is almost certainly the world’s cutest pen and eraser:

All in all, it was a happy Christmas.

A YEAR AGO: A not very festive Christmas.

FIVE YEARS AGO: A lovely Christmas.

TEN YEARS AGO: A merry Christmas.

FIFTEEN YEARS AGO: A rather adventurous Christmas.

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