Tuning Up

Usually the arts seem to all be located on the magical south coast. This time, instead of heading south, I went north to the Big Town one fine Sunday afternoon (is it ever going to rain?). I arrived at the lovely auditorium, which was featured in these pages a few years ago*, a few minutes late for the pre-concert lecture. Being a small town, they told me to take a seat and come back later to pay for the concert.

I enjoyed the lecture, which gave a background on the musicians who wrote the music we were about to hear, as well as some history on the music itself. It was fascinating to learn all this right before hearing the music. The program included Mozart’s Overture to The Marriage of Figaro, Schumann’s Violin Concerto in D minor, and Mendelssohn’s Symphony #3 in A minor, Opus 56 “Scottish”.
When the lecture was over, I went out and paid for my ticket, got a program, and went back to my seat to read it before the show started. The musicians were a mixture of local and guest musicians, and they were wonderful. I especially enjoyed the performance of a young guest violinist, who plays violin made in 1761 and whose performance had been described to me as “fiery”. I have to agree that is the perfect description. It was a joy to hear and see him.

The whole thing was a joy, really. It was wonderful to sit in a hall filled with my neighbors and friends and have the magnificent music wash over me. I really felt in the moment.

The orchestra received the standing ovation they deserved at the end of the performance. As I was driving away, I passed several of the musicians loading their instruments into their cars and waved at them, yet another little bit of applause from a very thankful recipient of their gifts. I am already looking forward to the next concert in February.

*In reading this, I realize that Flynn Creek Circus did not have their distinctive red and white striped tent then. This may be the only time I have seen them somewhere other than the tent. Who knew?

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