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December 7th, 2016 by suzy in Country Life

Random snacks which magically appeared on my desk this week: Tamales (chicken with green (tomatillo) sauce (labeled “Palo Verde”); a little bag of cinnamon graham crackers in the shape of the characters from “Frozen” (do I really want to bite off Elsa’s head?) and some very out of season raspberries and blueberries.


In the misandry department:

At the gas station, a man was messing around with the windshield washing squeegee and making jokes while his annoyed wife or girlfriend put gas in the car. Finally, she grabbed the squeegee from him, snapping, “That’s enough from the penis gallery!”

At the post office, the girl ahead of me in line was shipping a really big box. Thinking it was a Christmas present, I said, “Someone will be happy to get that!” She said, “It’s a break up box. I’m sending him everything he ever gave me, all the love letters, everything. If I’m lucky the girl he was cheating on me with will open it.”

I told her I was proud of her and that it was a brave gesture. Also that guys like that don’t change, so really, she had won. The time will come when that guy cheats on the latest girl too. Liars and cheaters don’t change. Darlene, the postal clerk, chimed in with some war stories of her own. Before we went our separate ways, the shipper gave me a big hug. I hope she is doing OK.


Poor Megan accidentally overbooked herself, and probably wished she could duplicate herself like Homer on “The Simpsons”, though with less disastrous results. Her boss texted Megan to remind her that she was working on Thursday night, and Megan realized that she had agreed to teach a CPR class for our friend Rik at 1:00 on Friday afternoon, barely giving herself enough time for 4 hours of sleep after four 12 hour night shifts in a row.

Rik and his wife Lu, who are both EMTs, have gone to Standing Rock to help out, and Megan took over the CPR classes they were scheduled to teach so they could go. She figured it was her way to help since she couldn’t go.

In the end, the class was rescheduled, so she could collapse into bed with the dogs and get some sleep, but I am always proud of my sister, The Little Megan That Could.


In happier news, Jonathan’s girlfriend Rio became a grandmother for the third time on November 30 when her son’s wife gave birth to Leo at 10:51 am Pacific time. Not so little Leo, who weighed 9 pounds 2 ounces, joins his big brother Henry, who is a little more than 2, like Cindy Lou Who. It will be a merry Christmas in their home!

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