Spring Staycation

It’s 9:00 am and I have already done two loads of laundry and put them away; made pizza dough; washed a load of dishes; swept the stairs and floor; and finally filed paperwork on my desk and put the files in Rob’s amazing cabinet.

I also unpacked a box of books, including classics like The Poky Little Puppy, which used to be my favorite book as a child. My Dad read it to me so often that he used to read it with the pages facing me, his eyes closed. I never got tired of it. Other discoveries included a book on Queen Mary’s Dollhouse (as fascinating to me now as it was then) and a story John wrote about our cat Jack when she was still a kitten. She is the only surviving cat we had together and I don’t want to think about how old she is now.

While unpacking the books, I discovered a fairly sizable scorpion. Its claws freaked me out, but I swept it into the dustpan and then into the woods, where I hope it stays.

I rewarded this industriousness by going with Megan to the farmers’ market in the Village. I picked up some rhubarb and a fresh baguette:


Later, we took the dogs for a stroll in the Village. As usual, Megan took Star and I took Stella, or Stella took me. I discovered that we had many shared interests in common, since she bounded joyfully into a bar as if she were Norm on “Cheers” and went there every day, then into the ocean view bookstore, and then a jewelry store. It was challenging to remove her from these places, and the attention she got from total strangers didn’t help. Stella clearly preferred running a tab, shopping, and petting to walking on the boring sidewalk, and I can’t say I blamed her.

A YEAR AGO: Megan’s giant birthday BBQ, and Erica’s best prank ever!

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7 comments on “Spring Staycation

  1. Alison

    Ohhh, my ex still has our cat Java, who turned sixteen in March. I was able to spend a few minutes with her in February, because I had to go deal with some paperwork at his house (it’s all good; it’s for our son) and I was so pleased to see her and hold her and pet her and have her respond to my caresses. SIGH. (Haha, the only thing I didn’t do was call her “George.”)

    Anyway, it sounds like you had a lovely Monday!

  2. Guy

    Animals always remain in your heart, they always give you this unconditional love which we miss even after they are gone. I so miss my little dog that I lost after a few weeks ago after being together over seventeen years, but he shall always remain in my heart as I said earlier. I can see your family are animals lovers, they bring such joys in our lives. Rhubarb looks delicious and fresh.

  3. Guy

    I meant to say a few weeks ago not after, sorry.

  4. suzy

    So sorry for your loss, Guy. ~hugs~ I hope the happy memories bring you some comfort.

    Alison – Lucky you! I would love to see Jack again. I think she is also 16.

  5. Guy

    Comfort his knowing that we enjoyed many wonderful years together and that when the time came to let him go, I kept my promise that because I loved him so as soon as I saw signs of even the hint of pain, that I would not let him suffer. He died without pain at at peace as I am for keeping my promise.

  6. suzy

    That’s beautiful, Guy. A fitting ending for a long and loving life together. <3

  7. Joy Fielder

    Stella sounds quite the character….

    So sorry to hear about Guy’s recent loss. So hard to deal with, but I know he has memories to treasure.

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