It’s a Beautiful Day

The sun came out after some late season showers. As usual, the ocean was especially pretty after the storm had passed:


It was the perfect day to stroll along the headlands with Megan and the dogs. Megan took Star and I took Stella. Stella and I like to watch the ocean and the birds surfing the thermals, whereas Megan and Star like to get on with their walk. But we had a good time together.

The wildflowers are out in force, from field of irises to the ice plants clinging to the cliffs and drifts of buttery California poppies.


After our walk, we went to see an exhibit of local quilts in a historic building in the Village. It never ceases to surprise me how many talented people live in this small community. I believe the beautiful surroundings both draw artists to the area and continue to inspire them.

This quilt had hand-sewn crystals to represent the bubbles around the fish:


And this one is a kelp forest:


This one is an embroidery rather than a quilt, but it may have been my favorite piece in the exhibit:


It represents Montgomery Woods, where the some of the tallest redwoods in the County can be found. To me, it really captures the magic of that place.

Of course, we couldn’t pass up the chance to wander around the bookstore under the watchful eye of the Great Catsby:


He likes this perch, since it gives him a panoramic view of his kingdom and the ability to avoid the more annoying attentions of his perhaps overly devoted public. A king has his dignity, you know.

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One comment on “It’s a Beautiful Day

  1. Guy

    Nothing like Mother Nature’s beauty to inspire an artist, works all the time. I must say from the photos you posted, these artists did some nice work, just beautiful. As for the Great Catsby all I have to say, as long as everything goes his way, he will remain totally flexible.

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