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January 23rd, 2016 by suzy in Country Life,Family,Special Occasions

I couldn’t wait for Megan to open her Christmas stocking. I was sure I had included the perfect present*: a gift certificate for getting her hair highlighted with the ever-wonderful Angelika. Her reaction, however, was not what I expected: she burst into peals of helpless laughter.

Me: ???

Megan: (Gasping) Open your stocking.

Inside my stocking was…a gift certificate for highlights with Angelika! With the added bonus of being drawn by Jessica.

We were both laughing. I love it that Angelika kept the secret and that we both gave each other what we really wanted.

I left work early one Friday to cash in my present – getting highlights takes about three hours – and as Angelika was washing the color off my hair, I heard a familiar voice.

Me: Richard? Is that you?

Him: Susan? Is that you?

We were both laughing. We had been on our date at the bar just the night before! Richard was getting his hair cut before his business trip and admired my shiny new highlights. Giggling, yet glamorous, I made my way through the rain to Monica’s new store. We were having fun chatting and I was trying to persuade myself that I did not need that fabulous orange handbag when Angelika came through the door! It was her first visit to Monica’s new shop, and she just loved the playful, yet peaceful atmosphere and the word of cuteness.

I had enjoyed my little staycation last month so much that I indulged in a rerun, staying at the little inn on the estuary, where I lounged in the bathtub watching the birds and feeling beautiful. It was the perfect end to a glamorous day.

A YEAR AGO: I got the hell job. Without even suspecting its hellishness. I would soon learn…

*Technically, we just give each other stockings, but there are occasional exceptions made.

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Sounds like lots of fun Suzy, stockings stuffers are always fun and enjoyed by all, looks like it worked for you guys.

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