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Let There Be Lights

   Dec 17

Let There Be Lights

You’d think being heartbroken over losing Roscoe would mean no Christmas decorations, but you’d be wrong. Part of my survival strategy is squeezing every little bit of joy out of every little thing, whether it’s Fred the hummingbird hovering like a jewel outside my office window or cuddling with Clyde before the alarm goes off in the morning darkness.

I decided more light and sparkle were needed, so I hauled out the aged Christmas tree:


and twined lights up the driftwood banister:


I put the wreath on the door:


The mistletoe in the middle is a gift from an 8 year old admirer, “So you’ll get lots of Christmas kisses.”

I realize I never did show you the lights on the tree in the outdoor living room:


So the house is cheerful and sparkly on the rare occasions when the power stays on. It’s been a wild and stormy couple of weeks, in more ways than one.

A YEAR AGO: The horror of interviewing for what would turn out to be the hell job. Ignorance can be bliss, and interviews can be better than the actual jobs.

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  1. Guy says:

    That’s my girl, going on with life is what everyone should strive for, Roscoe would be the first to agree. The dead are well taken care and it’s the living who have to keep on fighting and surviving for as long as we can. By the way, your decorations are just beautiful. It is said in my world that we should do something nice for ourselves each and every day, good for you for doing this Suzy.

  2. tim says:

    Wonderful. You have inspired me. looking around for what decorations i might have here.

  3. Joy Fielder says:

    You have a real knack where Christmas decorations are concerned – let me correct that ….where decorating is concerned. Very nice too.

    I’m afraid that life must go on , and I’m so glad that you are putting your best foot forward. Thank goodness you still have the comfort of two cats . Each pet that one has had always leaves a dent in the heart when it leaves, but there are always good times to remember.

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