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Christmas Day dawned both beautiful and cold:


which felt quite seasonal and festive but also meant that it was too cold to sit outside, even with the outdoor fireplace and a stack of wood chopped by my brother and kept dry on the porch. Somehow, we all packed into my little hippie hovel. Here’s Clayton, squeezed by the door to the studio with a glass of red wine to keep him company and keep him warm:


The table was set with all the heirlooms: my English grandmother’s ivory-handled silver and Wedgwood biscuit barrel (with my world-famous cheese biscuits) and salad dish with matching servers, dating from about 1830, and my American grandmother’s wineglasses and glass “Remembrance” platter:


Erica brought not one, but two Bûches de Noël, one a sinful chocolate and the other an Antoinette, based on the Tarte Antoinette (quince membrillo with vanilla chiffon) which was such a huge hit at Thanksgiving:


Jessica brought a Christmas drawing for each of us:


I love mine. And I love that kidlet. She and Jonathan did a spectacular job as always at the traditional reading of “Red Ranger Came Calling” after dinner, alternating pages and outdoing each other with showmanship:


You will notice that this is the first year she is too big to sit on Jonathan’s lap. Also that she is wearing fuzzy skeleton PJs.

It was great to share all our holiday traditions with old friends and new, and my house was overflowing with love and joy that night. It may have been cold outside, but it sure was warm and wonderful inside.

A YEAR AGO: A merry Christmas.

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Hi Suzy, glad you were all able to enjoy a traditional Christmas dinner as we did with our kids. I’s always a magical moment no matter how many times we get to do this. Yes everyone is groing up, too fast for my taste but wonderful to see them in good health and good spirits.

This is what Christmas is all about….wonderful relatives, friends and, of course, food and good cheer. Your tables look elegant and festive…

Hope you & your family have a Very, Very Happy New Year and much good health in the year 2016, Suzy.


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