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   Nov 13

On the Town


The friend theme continued into Friday, when I stopped by the jobette to say hello to my former co-workers and enjoy some art and conversation. On the first Friday of each month, the shops and art galleries in the Big Town stay open late, serving wine and nibbles. It sounds kind of silly, saying this about a town of 5,000 people, but it was nice to be out on the busy sidewalks with all the lights on. It felt happy and vital and a nice change from my dark, quiet rural life.

The jobette features a local artist each month, and he or she is on hand to talk about their creative process and answer questions. The woman who finds all these talented people and schedules them to appear was there. She and I pass each other notes via library books, since our hold requests are usually next to each other on the shelf. She started doing this after I left the jobette, and we have kept up the tradition. It was nice to see her in real life instead of in paper form.

Just down the street from the jobette is Monica’s new store, which features beautiful things for the home as well as area rugs. She has an amazing gift for creating a warm, welcoming space, and the store is lovely:


It was also crowded with well wishers and shoppers, and I have to admit that I bought a little something for Megan’s stocking. Christmas is coming!

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  1. Guy says:

    Sounds and looks like a real nice little town to be in, what, serving wine and nibbles to the people? what a great place to meet the people, love the photo. When I have time, I do like to visit the small towns around my area, like you say, they make an effort to make one feel welcome, rather than get lost in the big city.

  2. Joy Fielder says:

    Monica’s little shop looks delightful… Must be hard not to buy once you have entered.
    Wish it were near here!

  3. Suzy says:

    It would be fun to shop there together!

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