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Foggy Halloween
November 5th, 2015 by suzy in Country Life,Family,Friends,Jessica


On Halloween, I donned the kitty ears Erica gave me last year (they are quite becoming), and Megan draped her light up skull necklace around her neck, and we headed to the Village on a foggy Halloween afternoon.

Our first stop, as it often is, was the bookstore, where the Great Catsby was ensconced on a windowseat getting some beauty sleep. The public’s adoration can be exhausting, and I took his tail twitching, even in his sleep, to mean that he was not in the market for more pets and fussing, so I left him to his cat nap. We had fun perusing the shelves and admiring the trick or treaters, especially the little kids dressed as fuzzy turtles and ladybugs. I noticed that devil costumes were popular this year, both among the grown-ups and the kids.

Jessica partied with her entourage instead of her auntourage this year, but Erica sent me a snap of her dressed as Draco Malfoy’s dead sister:


My guess was the wraith of Yves Saint Laurent. Doesn’t she look so YSL?

After the bookstore, we made our way over to the street party, where the local circus troupe was putting on a performance of aerial silks. As the fog intensified, we watched the amazing athleticism and beauty of the performers:


I was equally impressed by their strength, daring, and how it’s like ballet up in the air.

It was pretty much fogging by the time we headed back to Megan’s little house in the big woods. That’s when you can’t tell if it’s very heavy fog or very light rain, but you’re soaking wet. Fortunately, Megan had the foresight to make ribollita soup beforehand, so we enjoyed a hot bowl of home-made soup (made with some veggies from the epic family garden) along with an episode or two of “Orange Is the New Black”. Because orange and black are Halloween colors. And there may have been candy for dessert.

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4 Responses

Sounds like lots of fun was had by all. interesting Holiday this Halloween, we can all get dressed up with clothes we would not want to be seen with any other day. Did not impress the cat however but fun anyways. I see Jessica was well dressed and ready for her good time with her entourage, sorry you missed her but she’s growing up by the minute.

That sounds like such an enjoyable evening. I stayed home, had one little bunch of trick or treaters and watched my favorite singer in her turn as an actress in a television horror series. Your evening sounds so much more interesting, even the soup.

Yours sounds pretty good too!

It’s surprising how much there is to do in our little corner of the world!

Jessica is definitely growing up. I hope she doesn’t outgrow me completely. She is one of the great joys of my life.

I hardly recognized Jessica – glad you identified her for us.
We don’t have youngsters visiting our house – we are just outside the village
and I think it is to dark and spooky to reach our place. Kind of sad.


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