A Day in the Life

Saturday was my last day of working at the jobette. For real-real, as Jessica used to say in her long-ago youth. They have hired someone to work from Tuesday through Saturday, so they will only need me on Saturdays to fill in for her if she has to work an event or something.

I walked slowly through the familiar shop after I turned out the lights, and turned the sign to “Closed”, feeling a little sad. It was just a summer job, but it kept me connected to my former work family and the visitors. I guess it’s always hard to say goodbye.

Fortunately, my brother and sister decided to have an impromptu BBQ that evening for no particular reason, so I headed over there after I went home and changed out of my work clothes and corralled the kitties.

Our good friend Lichen was there:


Here’s a view of the canopy Rob picked up at the mall. You can see some of the Waltons-sized picnic table my brother built out of redwood a couple of years ago:


In case you’re wondering who the mystery dog is in the picture, it’s Marley. Marley is at Camp Lichen for a few days, learning valuable lessons like how not to whine his ass off when temporarily left in the car by his owner. Lichen is an excellent dog trainer, being both gentle and intolerant of nonsense.

Jonathan grilled up a simple dinner of sausages, and I thought that it won’t be long until he is manning the ‘cue for the traditional Christmas ham. This year the equally traditional split pea soup will be made of beans from the garden. I have heard rumors that I should resurrect making parsnip vichyssoise for Christmas Eve from the garden’s parsnips. And that there are plans afoot to make hard cider from all those apples.

Later, the moon rose over the garden:


I suck at taking moon pictures, y’all. Even though the moon and I are pretty close after the mystical experience we shared a couple of years ago, I have never been able to take a good photo of her. Maybe she needs to start considering selfies and stop letting Kim Kardashian have all the fun.

A YEAR AGO: Bugs and fairies. You know, the usual.

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6 thoughts on “A Day in the Life

  1. I know you really enjoyed the Jobette Suzy but perhaps it’s time for you to relax a bit more and enjoy all the family and friends surrounding you. You will as you say work a day here and there and still be able to go there and see the place on occasions. Rob made another good purchase and of course will cover and protect his picnic table. Another beautiful dog in the photo. As I said, you are well surrounded, enjoy the moment.

  2. I went back and read your moonstruck post as well. Out in the woods the moon is a constant companion. One night over new year’s eve and morning, I photographed it at various points on its 270 degree arc across the sky. (Actually I just remembered that slideshow is on my blog on the right side about the blue moon) I particularly like the moonshadows it casts onto the snow through the trees. I wondered too, if maybe you and I have looked at the same moon a time or two over the years.

  3. It’s very possible – maybe even likely! That experience really shook me up. The next day I learned that my former father-in-law had died during that lunar encounter. I like to think he was the shooting star.

  4. It’s great that the property is used so much – both for growing veggies etc.,
    and for the BBQ get-togethers. Nothing nicer than good company and good food.
    I wonder whether a quieter Marley left after the visit?
    That is some canopy! Clever of Rob to have found it.

  5. It is amazing what Rob can find at the dump!

    It’s great having the family garden for parties, camping, and growing food!

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