Deerly Beloved

Driving down the Ridge one morning this week, I saw a young deer dash across the road. It looked like the car may have hit the deer. I stopped, thinking of the “Never Just One” theory, and although another deer didn’t appear, a dog did. He went to investigate in the bushes where the deer was last seen. I joined him, and could find no sign of the deer, so the car must just have clipped the little guy. At least he wasn’t too injured to run away. The driver, who had parked his car on the road too, was very relieved to hear that the deer was in running condition. It was funny, though, because he himself looked more like the kind of guy who would hunt a deer rather than worry about one, wearing a trucker’s hat and plaid shirt.

We both got back in our cars and went on our deerless ways, but I couldn’t help thinking about the deer and how afraid I am of hitting one, or a cyclist, and how much likelier this scenario would be as the mornings and evenings got darker earlier. With the long hours I’m working these days, I’m kind of dreading the darkness driving as fall and winter approach.

A YEAR AGO: Apparently I am never too injured to shop. Or have a spa day.

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4 thoughts on “Deerly Beloved

  1. This is how I feel when I’m at my family’s little house in rural NW PA. After dark, you just never know. Thinking of you, Suzy! xo

  2. Thank you and people like you who care enough to stop and see if you can help, enough of them are killed for no reason.

  3. I guess it’s good that deer and other animals are the scariest things on the road, but I live in terror of killing or hurting one. Not looking forward to driving in the pitch black country darkness in the rain this winter.

  4. It’s one thing to hit and hurt an animal by accident, another to hurt them intentionally. Those of us who know you are aware that you love animals and would never do anything to hurt them.

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