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Ailing Audrey
June 2nd, 2015 by suzy in Cats,Family

The Evil Genius Recovering

Maybe I should have put a camera on Audrey. She came home on Saturday hopping like a bunny, not using her back left leg. It didn’t seem broken or dislocated, but she was definitely in pain. She kept growling, even when sitting on my lap. She was no better on Sunday, so on Monday, Megan took Audrey to the vet.

As you know, Audrey does not take kindly to the indignity of the cat carrier or the curviness of the road, so she pooped, threw up, and howled the entire way. As usual, we delivered a foamy furious feline to the unsuspecting vet staff. They x-rayed her leg and took blood tests, and all looked fine. It seemed the problem was one of her toes, though there was no puncture wound or cut or anything.

Dr. Carl gave her shots for pain, nausea, and inflammation, and I wish he could have given them to me, too, because the bill was almost $500. Audrey is back to her old self today, able to walk on all fours and demanding whatever it is she happens to want at the time. Dr. Carl called her “a fierce little woman” , and that about sums it up.

Megan multi-tasked by taking her dogs for a walk while Audrey was being treated, and took the patient home as well, where she closed her inside for a nap. I worried that I overreacted in sending Audrey to the vet, but Dr. Carl said that if your animal can’t walk to 24 hours, he or she needs to be seen. I’m just glad that Audrey is OK and that I have a sister who is kind enough to be a cat taxi.

A YEAR AGO: Car problems instead of cat problems. Why not?

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Tough these cats, the saying says they have nine lives, I’m a firm believer in that saying after hearing so many stories of cats that have gone through so much, so many times. I’m glad she’s well, of course she has a good home and good mom, that helps.

So glad that Audrey has been looked after by the Vet…..I know she must feel a lot better now – but I guess you will still in shock at that bill!!!! Maybe you should be working at the Vet’s Ofc.,!!!!! That way you might have had a discount?????
So sorry about all this. It never rains but it pours is such a true saying. But the sun should be coming out now…

we just had to take Kitty to an eye specialist vet (I think she’s now seen every vet in a 500 mile radius) so I totally feel your pain on vet bills. Especially when you do a bunch of tests and they all come back clear and you’re like, okay… uh, good… except ??? Glad she’s on the mend!

How is Kitty? Doing better?

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