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May 6th, 2015 by suzy in Country Life,Special Occasions,Sports

Derby Day dawned foggy, wrapping the world in a cool silver mist, which was just fine with me after a couple of unseasonably and unreasonably hot days, when I came home from the coolness of the Big Town to a scorching 83 degrees:


As you know, I find anything over 75 completely unnecessary, so I was glad when Karl the Fog made a return engagement, though I realize this is not a popular opinion. What can I say? I have a pro blanket policy, year round. It’s a blanket policy.

I was also delighted to learn that there’s a new Royal baby in London, a lovely and healthy little princess with a serious pedigree of style. It was a happy note to start the day on, and the day just got happier as I made my to Angelika’s little salon in the big woods:


It may have been chilly outside, but inside, candles glowed against the coral walls, lavender scented the air, and towels were warming on the heater. One of Angelika’s dogs came in and sat at my feet as Angelika cut my hair and we caught up on each other’s news. She cut two inches off – I hadn’t had it cut since October – and I am hoping to afford highlights soon – I haven’t had it highlighted since last February. It still looks pretty good, though:


I got home in time for the Kentucky Derby, which as you know is my favorite sporting event of the year. And why not? Name another sport which has a red carpet, glamorous celebrities, outrageous hats, practically mandatory daytime drinking, gorgeous horses, a century of tradition, and is over before even I have time to get bored. My favorite jockey, the inimitable Calvin Borel, was not in contention since his horse was scratched at the last moment, but it was nice to see Victor Espinoza win for the second year in a row, proclaiming, “I feel like the luckiest Mexican on earth!” Inspiring that he saved up from his bus driving job to learn to be jockey and made it all the way to win the greatest horse race on earth.

A YEAR AGO: Rob the handyman.

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3 Responses

I agree with you about 75 being enough for heat, funny as I read your blog the weather here, yes even in Ottawa is 85, it’s been much cooler so far this year, seems spring wasen’t going to show up. Nice photo of you Suzy, you seem content and peaceful. I can see why Kentucky Derby would be your favorite, you’re a girly girl and love the glamor of it all.

Always nice to have one’s hair done…so relaxing… You have such shiny hair. Do you always wear it down?
Asking for no particular reason – just interested.
Like you, I absolutely hate HOT weather. It was too hot here today….30° . We have gone from one extreme to the other.
What a shame your jockey’s horse was scratched. A bit of a disappointment.

Yes, it’s always down except when cooking or gardening. Pretty much my natural color at this point. Getting re-blonded next week and damn the expense! 🙂

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