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   Mar 16


Stop me (or try and stop me) if you’ve hard this before, but I have a new job!

Yes, another one. But this one is permanent, unlike the other new job, where I learned on my first day that it was not, as I had been told, an indefinite assignment, but rather I was covering for someone on medical leave. So it’s a permanent job with more money, actual benefits, and someone on hand to train me from Day One (the person I’ll be replacing is moving into a management position within the same organization). Imagine.

The reason I’ve been writing so much about the past lately here is that I couldn’t write about the present, other than the fun I packed into the weekends so I could face the rest of the week. Let’s just say it was challenging.

Despite that, it will be hard to walk in there and quit this morning, because the work they are doing is so important and the people who do it are so nice. They told me every day how wonderful I was, so it will be really hard to tell them I’m leaving. Even though I could have been on the other side of this equation at any time.

I am just about the luckiest girl in the world, you know. When I lost my job back in October, my family rallied around me. I passed the tests and interviews for the county job, and when I left the jobette, I was showered in love and appreciation. When I interviewed for this new job, I also got that. How lucky can one girl be?

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  1. Guy says:

    Lucky is one thing but you have to realize that you earned very bit of what you’re getting from all your years of work, perseverance and patient. Nothing comes without effort, be glad, be proud of yourself and congratulations on your new job.

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