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Wednesday’s Woes
May 31st, 2014 by suzy in Bullshit,Car

You know those people who can’t wear watches because their magnetic fields or something mess them up? I think I’m that way with cars.

The five year old car that I bought a mere five months ago is already having problems and costing me a fortune.

It all started when I drove home one day from the jobette and could not open the car door. At first, I reasonably assumed it was user error, as it often (always?) is in my case, but nope. Wednesday refused to open, so I rolled down the window and opened it from the outside. Jonathan thought he could eventually fix it, but it would mean taking the entire door apart (disassembly to repair almost anything appears to be a Ford specialty). Also he was in the middle of digging a well which was due to be inspected*, and wouldn’t have free time to fix it any time soon.

I got used to rolling down the window (at least it’s summer) and holding the door open with my knee while I rolled it back up again. But then more problems struck.

The engine light came on and the wrench light also. My opinion is that these lights should be replaced by dollar signs, since that’s what they really mean. My brother read the codes and it said it was the solenoid or similar. Unfortunately, he can’t fix transmission-related things, not having the specialized and expensive equipment for it, so it was time to go to the car doctor.

The car doctor said that he could diagnose and fix the solenoid thing à la carte, but that Wednesday was overdue for a 90,000 mile maintenance, and most likely the solenoid thing or whatever it is would be fixed by the zillion and one things included in the 90,000 mile maintenance procedure. Unfortunately, the maintenance procedure was $700.

It’s at times like this that I wish I were a real adult instead of the extremely faux one I am. Surely by the time a girl is more than half a century old, and with yet another birthday sparkling on the horizon, she ought to be able to make good decisions about things like this. Somehow I didn’t get the manual, or else I never read it, since we all know reading the manual is a last resort.

I decided to just do the maintenance and walked sadly to work, trying not to cry. It took two days to fix the car, and when I got it back, I learned that it would take a further $150 to get the part for the door and get it fixed, which I get to look forward to this week. Ever since I got the car back from the shop, I haven’t been able to make my iPod work with the car stereo, so it’s been long and silent drives to the jobette and back, alone with my deep thoughts.

When I put on my turn signal today to turn into the parking lot at the jobette, I got an error message saying “check turning lamp”. At least the other lights are off, right?

Maybe it’s just as well that I learned to drive so late in life. I may have saved a bundle!

*My siblings’ land partners have rented out their house in Grass Valley and are moving to the property to start building their house there. Since the house will have to be inspected, the well will, too, unlike the original one the boys dug a few yeas ago.

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Sorry to hear about your car Suzy, unfortunately, they always have been the most expensive toys to fix, one has to be a specialist and own every tool i the box to do repairs. Think of it this way, this car has brought you to many places and travels you would not have done without her, not that it makes one feel better for the cost but everything in life comes with a price I’m afraid and cars are on top of the list.

Gah – cars troubles are the worst!

uh, well, not literally worst. There are much worse things in the world. (I’m suddenly feeling like flippant comments maybe aren’t appropriate; am I getting old?)

If it is not one thing – it is another!!

Our problems at the moment are related to plumbing…. which reminds me – how is your shower doing? Any progress?

So sorry to hear about the car. How odd that it has taken this nosedive. I guess there was no warrantee involved when you bought it? I’m guessing not, what a pain. Hope it will start behaving itself now, as soon as the turn signal is fixed!!!!! Chin up there….take a deep breath and count to 1,000…….


Lisa – No worries! I suffer from frivolity myself and then hope I’m not offending people. You could never offend me anyway. 🙂

Joy – The warranty was only 30 days since it’s a used car. Hopefully it will be OK now. It was the Car of the Year in the year it was made (2008).

Slow progress on the shower. Very slow!

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