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I have been the lucky recipient of a lot of generosity lately.

Last week, one of my co-workers gifted me with a lovely piece of Brie. He was a judge at a Cheeses of France Pop Up Café in San Francisco. It was magically delicious. And luckily for me, the CEO of the jobette had just given me a bottle of wine which he picked up while he was in Italy.

When I came home on Wednesday night – it had been another long day at the jobette, involving yet another late-breaking delivery of heavy boxes, and I was the only one still there – I found a brown paper bag on my doorstep. In it was just-picked apples and cherry tomatoes from a mysterious benefactor. I still have no idea who brought them over, but there may be a pie in my future.

My wonderful co-worker Erin is on vacation in Disneyland with her family this week, so I’m taking care of her cats and chickens. I went over on Thursday morning to check on them, and they were all happy to see me. The chickens bustled around and clucked as I fed them:

I scored four fresh eggs for my trouble:

Inside the house, the kitties were out of food. I tried to take a picture of Mimi, the spectacularly beautiful kitty, but this was the best I could do:

You will have to take my word for her beautiful blue eyes and softest fur ever. Kitties can be very uncooperative models. I think I’ll stop by and check in on them again on my way to the jobette on Saturday morning, just to make sure everything is in order when Erin and her family come home on Saturday night. I hope they are having a fabulous time.

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2 comments on “Support Your Local Suzy

  1. LisaB

    oh – fresh eggs, that’s a nice payment! and yes, I agree, cats can be very difficult models!!!

  2. Guy Charbonneau

    Little girls should be showered with gifts and such. Still a lovely photo of the kitty and I love the one with the chickens.

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