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October 7th, 2012 by suzy in Country Life,Family,Friends,Garden,Schatzi

Note: The post below was interrupted by a power outage, literally out of the clear blue sky. I guess I was overly optimistic about the rest of the day being better than the morning.

I’m doing laundry before I go to the jobette. It’s a sunny day and I want to hang out laundry while the sun shines.

It’s already been quite the morning, and it’s not even 8:30. First the Clyde-defying shelf under my painting liberated itself, bonking me on the head and hand. I had those little cartoon birds and stars flying around my head while I wondered what happened.

While I was wondering, Clyde came running in with a dead bird in his mouth. I shooed him out and closed the door behind him.

The rest of the day should be better, right?

Yesterday, I sold more than $80 worth of stuff to unsuspecting tourists, a personal best so far. I also answered some unusual questions, such as where to buy underwear. You never know what will happen at the jobette.

When I was finished answering questions and selling things yesterday, I went to my brother’s place for a BBQ with our visiting friend, Paul. We have known him for 20 years, ever since he, Jonathan, and Megan and Rob were living on boats at Pier 39. He’s more like family, and has made several appearances in my blog over the years. I wish I weren’t working so much during this visit. At least we had a great time last night.

Megan marinated a pork roast from the farmers’ market overnight, and then set it slow cook in foil over the BBQ. Meanwhile, she made salsa using the tomatoes, cilantro, and onions from the garden while Paul toasted fresh corn in a skillet with shallots and red peppers, adding lime and cilantro at the last minute. I told him he should sell it as “Roasted corn ceviche” in the Hamptons next summer (he is caterer to the stars). He also grilled onions and red peppers over the BBQ. Here he is, supervising the BBQ with Star supervising him:

We also had a guest appearance by Schatzi. Due to her brittle bones, she doesn’t often leave home where she might be bounced à la Tigger and injured. But yesterday, she decided that she wanted to come along, and happily spent the afternoon trotting around or napping on the hay:

Every day with her is a precious one now, and there can’t be too many BBQs left before the rains start.

The garden is dying back, though the tomatoes continue to rampage. The sweetpeas we planted for Dad still look beautiful:

In case you’re wondering, the blue tape marks Dad’s favorites, so we can make sure we plant them again next year.

These flowers, whatever they are, continue to flourish:

And these by the gate, which might be African daisies:

Paul is on his way back to San Francisco tomorrow, where he will visit his uncle and then head to Pasadena, where his daughter and grandchildren live. He said he will come back and see us before he flies back to New York to pick up his car and drive to his home in Florida for the winter. I’m hoping he will come back for Christmas.

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Thank you for sharing your stories and photos Suzy, always interesting read. Boy, never a dull moment around you, hope your bonk on the head and hand is not too painful. Nice to see all the blooms in your area, it’s 32 of your degrees in Ottawa today, if there were any blooms left, they’re all but gone now. It’s also our Thanksgiving down here so may I wish you and yours Happy Thanksgiving and a wonderful day.

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours! Give everyone a hug for me (and keep one for yourself). 🙂

I can assure you everyone got at least a few hugs, one for you and several for me, thanks Suzy.

What a way to wake up…sure must scrabble the brains! Sounds as though you are having a very busy time ( as per usual ). I see you are doing very well at your Jobette. Your friend, Paul, sounds a very interesting person – as do all of your friends.
Love your photos of the flowers – just wonderful. As Guy say, we have very few blooms left ..the geraniums, though, continue to do well, despite the -2° which we awoke to this morning.


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