The Snag

The house was a chilly 44 degrees this morning (that’s about 6 measly degrees for the non-Fahenheit among us, if my math is right. And that’s a big if) and barely 32/0 degrees outside.

I put on the heater before I even fed the cats or put on the coffee. I was just sipping my first little thimble of much-needed caffeine when the phone rang. It was 6:45 in the am, and it was my sister.

She was calling from the side of the road on a lonely stretch of Highway One in the chilly, pre-dawn darkness. It was lucky that she was in one of the few areas that actually gets cell phone service.

The truck’s tire had basically exploded, leaving her stranded. As you know, her car has been non-operational since September, so Rob needed to borrow my car to go and get the spare truck tire from Jonathan’s place (I don’t know why it was there) and then go and get Megan, who had 4 hours of sleep before her 12 hour shift and had 8 ambulance patients over that time period, one of whom didn’t make it. It had been a long night for her.

He dropped Megan off at home and picked me up, leaving me at the jobette while he went to have a rim applied to the spare tire. Apparently he had a hell of a time trying to make this happen, and ended up having to order something which should arrive tomorrow. In the meantime, he’s locked up the truck, put a note on the windshield, and is hoping that it won’t get towed away before he can get the tire fixed. There’s always something!

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6 comments on “The Snag

  1. Guy Charbonneau

    You’re right, things like this happen when you least expected, thank God Megan did not get hurt and again thank God for Rob coming to the rescue, hope the truck is still there when he goes back for it.

  2. Joy

    Always something!! Hope all ends well. You’ve got to love that Rob is right there when needed…. Poor ol’ Meg – I don’t know how she does it….


  3. Amber

    man, vehicles are annoying. Hopefully Megan got some sleep!!

  4. Mike Charbonneau

    Tell me about it. Dropped over $800 on the car yesterday! Like I needed that.

  5. Jennifer

    Can you put your heater on a timer? Then you can wake up in nice cosiness.

  6. suzy

    Thanks everyone!

    I don’t know how Megan does it either.

    Mike – Ugh!!!! So sorry to hear that. Hope the car is OK. They really are just holes we pour money into. Oh for a carless life! I never had one when I lived in Toronto.

    Jennifer – The heater doesn’t have that option (of course). But lately I’ve put it on when I let Audrey out in the morning and go back to bed. It’s warmed up the house by the time I get up again and it feels quite luxurious.

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