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Public Libraries: the Roots of Democracy!

In keeping with the cloud in the silver lining of my life, the quite splendid pool where aquafit and swimming lessons take place is experiencing serious financial difficulties.

At first, the Powers that Be said it was going to close completely. Then, not. The whole thing dragged on for months, in the way things do when they are being run by a committee, without any decisions being made.

Now, it appears that they have decided to close the warmer, shallower pool – the one with the lazy river and the water slide – and keep the lap pool open at severely limited times. Our brother, who swims four days a week and inspired us to start swimming again, can no longer go due to the irreconcilable differences between his schedule and the pool’s.

Aquafit at least has been spared for now.

Our swimming class, formerly on Saturday mornings*, may or may not be on a Thursday morning two weeks from now. Megan gets home from the last of her 12 hour night shifts on Thursday morning, so there’s no way she can go. I could go, though the thought of driving to the Big Town for a fourth day in a row is less than appealing, and I don’t want to go without my sister. We’ll have to see if we can work something out.

*It was the perfect Saturday morning: going to swimming lessons and then to the library, which is now only open three days a week. When we took Rob’s truck, we felt like the bumpkin girls going to town.

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4 comments on “Swimming Lessens

  1. Guy Charbonneau

    Sorry to hear about your pool, they need someone to run this thing and can make decisions, someone with vision, someone who would find a way to raise money to keep this going, you would do great at this Suzy.

  2. Amber

    🙁 that IS sad. Especially considering I know how expensive it is to BUILD a pool like that, to have it not used at all… couldn’t they apply for grants or something?! Hard times, I guess.

  3. Suzy

    Well, I don’t think I want a third job! They’re looking into a bill to be voted on in March which would allow a third of a cent of sales tax to go toward the pool. Let’s hope something works!

  4. Joy

    Sounds like this change is going to be hard on everyone.

    Let’s hope some good is worked out.


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