Oct 01 2011

The Cost of Driving

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The saga of the car has been long and spendiferous over the past month.

First, I took it to Mike the mechanic, who made the transmission run better. Miss Scarlett, like me, needs a little time to get going in the morning, but she’s always up to speed by the time I reach the next driveway down the Ridge, and I can live with that.

However, there was a sort of shuddering going on when I braked downhill, a not uncommon occurrence on the curvaceous roads around here. So I brought it to another place to check the alignment (Mike doesn’t have the car lifting thing or the specialized tools to do this kind of thing).

They told me that I needed to have two things fixed before I could have the alignment done. I checked with the boys, and they also couldn’t fix it for me, having a Mike-esque lack of expensive and specialized tools. So the fixing, along with the alignment, cost about $300.

I still noticed the shuddering, so I brought it back in again. It appears that there had been some miscommunication and the mechanic hadn’t understood what I meant, possibly because I don’t speak Car. He investigated, and this time, it turned out that I needed the rear brakes replaced and something done to the rotors. Cost: $400.

Since brakes are important and the boys can’t measure and sand down rotors, or whatever it is that had to be done, I said OK. Goodbye, paycheck. It was nice almost knowing you. And that was before I replaced the two front tires, which were 7 years old (150 in tire years). Cost: about $200.

A few days later, I heard a high-pitched squeeing noise in the car, even over the Ramones. I stopped in at the mechanic’s and asked him to listen to it. He said he thought it was a leak in a vacuum hose and not critical, so I left a rambling message for my brother, asking if he could fix it on Thursday.

The infamous belt incident happened on Wednesday. The consensus of opinion between the boys and Megan is that any mechanic should have known what that noise was. I certainly will if I ever hear it again, which I hope I never do.

On the other hand, it only cost about $70 in parts for Rob to fix it. Working on my second thousand dollars of the month, baby! At this rate, I’m going to need a “Car” category for this blog.

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3 Responses to “The Cost of Driving”

  1. Guy Charbonneauon 02 Oct 2011 at 3:11 am

    I hear you, cars can be a pain once they start needing repair after repair, I wish luck and thank the boys for being around, the costs would mount much higher, unfortunately that’s little comfort, a cost is a cost, good luck Suzy.

  2. Mike Charbonneauon 02 Oct 2011 at 6:40 pm

    There’s no doubt the damned things are handy but you’re right, they’re bloody expensive too!

  3. Joyon 03 Oct 2011 at 3:38 pm

    Grrrrrrrrrr……..Cars!!!!!!!! What can I say… Out in the country would be very hard to live without one, darn it…

    BTW. Lately, your border of grasses cuts right across your Blog Entry …for me, at any rate. I wonder if your other fans find this as well?

    Good luck with Miss S….


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