Covet: September Vogue

Of course, the September Issue is the most-anticipated of the year – and the heaviest. This year’s tome couldn’t fit into my size zero mailbox, a phenomenon unfortunately familiar to most women, “Vogue” readers or not.

I loved a lot of this year’s clothes. Jessica, Erica and I oohed and aahed over them on Saturday. I’ve been reading “Vogue” since I was in high school, yet the prices for the clothes never cease to shock me.

Here are a few of my favorites:


Love the color of this sweater, a completely affordable $70 from J. Crew (one of our stylish First Lady’s faves), and the contrast with the lace skirt, a less affordable $1,490 by the eternally elegant Carolina Herrera.


I would kill for this Louis Vuitton skirt. Well, fold, spindle or mutilate. A mere $2,865 for acres of silk taffeta gorgeosity. And just the thing to wear to the library! Or the Safeway.


I like the coat, but I love the Chanel bracelets with the camellia motif La Coco loved so much. Enamelled metal and resin, and $2,350 and $1,490.


Carolina Herrera strikes again with this fabulous confection of highlands meets flamenco. It would look great with a black leather motorcycle jacket. $7,590 to find out.


I am in love with this Chanel coat – the Empire waist, the witty shape and texture. And the sleeves are the perfect length to display the camellia bangles. Since you’d wear it all the time, it’s really a steal at $8,380.


What’s not to love about strapless tweed? Louis Vuitton corset top and skirt, $2,440.


So what if you never go to the opera? You still need Barbara Tfank’s poison green bow-back satin opera coat. Your exit will be as memorable as your entrance.

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5 thoughts on “Covet: September Vogue

  1. This is dating me, but the first two fashions were very familiar to me in the ’50’s……..What goes around comes around – quite true in this case. Would like to see something new!!!!!!! I did like the coats, however.


  2. Although neither of us was a fashion plate, my Mom and I used to enjoy leafing through the NY Times Magazine fashion editions as well as the occasional glossy mag like Vogue. We oohed and ached, but we also mocked and expressed disdain for what we deemed the less successful or downright ridiculous offerings.

    It was one of many little private, “in” jokes/activities that we did together. I miss it and her; there is no one to take her place.

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