Today I got an email from Amazon, saying they couldn’t deliver the package that was delivered yesterday.

Maybe I can ask them for a refund.

Today I also received my new, undesirably-colored camera. So far, I have figured out how to put in the batteries and the memory card, and set the date and time. The rest is too confusing after a long day’s work, so I think I’ll pour a drink and worry about that tomorrow, in Scarlett O’Hara approved style.

While I was on one of today’s many conference calls, I heard a crinkling noise. Putting my phone on mute, I went to investigate. I discovered Clyde on the pantry floor, eating pasta out of a bag, and Roscoe on the shelf eating egg noodles out of a bag he’d torn open. They had jumped on the washer, then edged their way onto the shelf, and then managed to tear the bags open. It was two hours after they’d eaten breakfast.


I shooed them away and salvaged what I could while trying to talk intelligently about the world economy. All in a day’s work.

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8 thoughts on “Packaging

  1. I see the cats are still keeping you busy, you may be out of food if you ever had to leave for a day. Hope you get the camera running, will be waiting for photos.

  2. You’ve got to love big corporations with their departments that don’t talk with one another. I always say: that’s what computers are for, but surprisingly, a lot of businesses don’t use them to cross-reference.

    As for the camera, enjoy it. Don’t fret over the manual and needed to learn all its functionality. Start with taking pictures. The other stuff will come later when you start to wonder what else you can do. I’ve always seen photography as an opportunity to stop and truly enjoy a moment.

  3. You have obviously got Italian kitties!! Our cats love to play with a piece of pasta & will bat it around the kitchen floor for ages.


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