Growing Pains

Playing in the ficus tree is always held in high regard

As I write, one of the kittens is curled up on my left shoulder. They may be the cuddliest kittens ever. They are always climbing up on me and purring. They are also equipped with deluxe power purr.

They are growing up fast. Or my expectations were totally wrong. Or both.

When I first got them, I thought they were too small to get up the stairs. Wrong. They did it the first day. They love playing in the ficus tree on the landing (see above), even when I’ve just watered it. Then they can spray mud and leaves everywhere instead of dirt and leaves. Extra fun! They also walk along the railings as if they were walking across the living room floor.

Last night, I went upstairs to close the balcony door, and arrived just in time to see one of the kittens scale the baby gate and leap onto the balcony. Eeek! I chased him, and caught him as he hovered on the edge, looking down into the garden. So that means no more opening the balcony door until we can come up with some means of keeping the boys in. Fortunately, the fog is back, so it won’t be suffocatingly hot, at least in the immediate future.

This morning, I went to feed Audrey and closed the studio door behind me, foolishly thinking that this would keep the kittens out of her food (needless to say, they are more interested in Audrey’s food than theirs, and vice-versa). One of them shot through the cat flap and raced to her dish. Surprisingly, Audrey just let him eat it until I scooped him up and took him back to his dish. Feeding time just got a lot more challenging.