Taylor Made

Elizabeth Taylor wearing the diamond and ruby suite I admired at the Cartier exhibit last year

I seem to be an unintentional Elizabeth Taylor fan.

Last year, I read the extremely enjoyable “How to Be a Movie Star: Elizabeth Taylor in Hollywood”. Recently, I devoured the gorgeous “My Life in Jewelry” by La Taylor (one of the Suzy-est things ever), and waiting for me at the library – if I can ever get there when it’s actually open – is “Furious Love: Elizabeth Taylor, Richard Burton, and the Marriage of the Century”. I read about in the latest Vanity Fair and it sounds like a fun read.

Yesterday, Megan and I immersed ourselves in the spectacle of “Cleopatra”, merrily commenting on the costumes, sets, and make-up, comparing the events* to the Memoirs of Cleopatra and sighing over Liz’s beauty.

Today, we have a special guest star of our own. Jessica is making a cameo appearance while her mother visits the dentist. I think I know which of us is going to have more fun today!

*Was Mark Antony really such a loser?

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2 comments on “Taylor Made

  1. Joy

    I think that Ms Taylor never need jewels to adorn her…she was ‘ just a beauty’. I wonder if this is the type of beauty is admired nowadays? I have never thought to ask any youngsters ( late teens and up ) .
    Now, Jessica, I find is a little beauty too, but of a totally different type. Enjoy your visit together.


  2. suzy

    Now that you mention it, Dame Elizabeth’s jewelry *is* gilding the lily. But what gilding – and what a lily!

    Had a great visit with Jessica. She is so tall now!

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