Early Morning Update

It’s 4:30 in the morning.

Do you know where your Suzy is?

Sitting by the heater with the radio on, blogging and wondering if the rain is ever going to stop. Not when, if. I passed when sometime in March. It’s not supposed to be raining this time of year, and we’ve had nearly 50 inches so far. Enough already. Is there some way to evict the weather and send it where it belongs? Say, Seattle or London? There are lots of destinations more exciting than Hooterville, my little low pressure system. Surely you’ve seen all the sights here by now.

I woke up about an hour ago and lay there for a while, listening to the rain slash the roof/walls and the wind howl through the trees, thinking how you’re supposed to find it all soothing and ponder the beauties of nature. But it makes me think unromantically about trees coming down and the power going out. Just the thought of the cold, dark boredom was enough to get me out of bed, especially since my brother had to repo the generator when his blew up. Might as well enjoy the warmth and light while I can.

We did have a break from the rain this weekend to celebrate Miss Jessica’s birthday en famille. I was once again the hostess with the leastest. Erica turned up with lasagna and a three layer cake. Not to mention decorations, a string of paper fairies wearing tulle skirts, which we fastened across the sliding glass doors. My brother turned up with little buns sporting chocolate icing faces. At least I had a present for Jessica, though (as usual) it was totally trumped by my sister’s.

Mark and his family came by for cake – Jessica loves playing with his daughters – and we all sang “Happy birthday” to her. I can’t believe she’s seven years old!

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5 comments on “Early Morning Update

  1. Mike

    Yes, it’s funny how a prolonged anything can suck the romance out of something.

  2. Candi

    Yikes, I would hate all that rain. It’d make me quite grumpy!

  3. Joy

    Lovely party….but what present did your sister give that you thought put yours in the shade? Not true, I’m sure.

    Sorry about all that rain….it is not just the rain…it is the grey skies all the time….very depressing. Not how I have thought of California at all.


  4. suzy

    Click on the links to see!

    This is an unusually rainy winter, an el Nino one. Hopefully next year won’t be so bad. It’s amazing to me how much colder and rainier it is a mere 150 miles from San Francisco. ANd yes, it does make me grumpy! 🙂

  5. Guy

    Looks like a great party for Jessica, happy birhtday to her and many more to come. As far as the weather if this makes you feel better, it snowed in Ottawa on Tuesday at a low 32 degrees.

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